Here’s 7 Reasons Why You Need to Use a Mobile Car Mechanic

Service My CarMost car owners tend to drive all the way to a workshop for their car maintenance needs. However, that’s the old way of doing things. Now, you can opt for a collection and delivery service from most workshops. 

While that’s convenient, it’s not exactly touching the pinnacle. What we’re talking about is getting your car maintenance carried out at your doorstep. How do you get that? A mobile car mechanic.

That’s right. You not only get the convenience of getting it done at your doorstep, but you can also be present during the process. You can get other concerns of yours sorted while physically inspecting the work. 

We’re barely scratching the surface. There’s plenty more to getting a mobile car service. With that in mind, let’s jump right into the 7 reasons why you need to use a mobile car mechanic.


Why are mobile mechanics cheaper than garages?

Mobile car services have seen an uptick, with major car service providers like Service My Car, also adopting it. More often than not, you tend to get a better deal with a mobile car service. 

Affordable mobile car service options entail mobile car mechanics that carry all the vital tools that one might find in traditional garages. What’s surprising, however, is that mobile car services end up coming at a lower cost for a variety of reasons. 

Most companies that offer mobile car services save on the expensive costs of having a physical garage and all the heavy-duty equipment it entails. Moreover, without the need for constant supervision, the garages end up hiring experienced mobile car technicians who know what they are doing.

Is a mobile mechanic trustworthy?

We’ve carried out extensive research by looking at existing mobile car service models, adopted by pioneers of mobile car servicing. The bottom line is that all car owners can trust mobile mechanics with their cars. 

However, there’s always a caveat. A lot of companies have been too quick to jump on the mobile servicing trend. As a result, they’ve overlooked all quality assurance procedures and hired unqualified and inexperienced mobile car technicians. 

As always, you’re advised to do your own research if you intend to try a mobile mechanic. At Service My Car, all our mechanics – in the garage and on the road – are constantly vetted and certified. We ensure that the service provided by our mobile mechanic remains to be of the highest standards.

What are the top 7 reasons to opt for mobile car servicing?


  1. Utmost convenience 

It should go without saying, but convenience is the most significant advantage of using a mobile mechanic. By using a mobile mechanic, you eliminate the need for driving to a garage or petrol station. Instead, the mobile mechanic comes to your doorstep to carry out whatever service you require. 

  1. More value with cheaper pricing

We’ve covered this already, but it’s a common misconception that mobile car services might cost more because of the added convenience. However, that’s not always true. In the case of mobile car services from Service My Car, you get competitive pricing that matches, if not beats, the pricing of other local garages.

  1. Personalised servicing

Another massive advantage with mobile servicing is that you get to meet and interact with the technician working on your car. At Service My Car, our team of affable and trusty mobile mechanics are not only highly qualified and experienced, but are friendly and personable too. We believe this ensures a sense of trust and security, which are vital characteristics of good service. 

  1. Service around your schedule

There’s nothing better than getting stuff done around your schedule. Mobile car servicing takes a tedious task like car maintenance and embeds it entirely within your schedule. With Service My Car’s mobile car servicing, you get the freedom to choose when you want to get your car serviced. 

  1. A lesson in efficiency

Garages tend to work on a lot of cars at a time. As a result, you have to book a slot and wait for your vehicle to be serviced. In the case of mobile servicing with Service My Car, you get immediate work done. All the focus is placed on your car, ensuring efficiency and quality. 

  1. Quality assurance

At Service My Car, our team of affable and trusty mobile mechanics are highly qualified and experienced. Moreover, the nature of mobile servicing allows car owners to be present on site. You can monitor, and interact with, your mobile mechanic, ensuring your satisfaction with the service. 

  1. It’s car service at your doorstep

Car service would typically entail driving to the garage, or having a recovery truck take your car to one. Mobile servicing completely eliminates the need for either of those actions. By choosing a mobile car service at Service My Car, you get a car service done by a professional mobile mechanic at highly competitive prices, at your doorstep. 

Choose the best mobile car service this region has to offer

Don’t let car maintenance get in the way of a good day. Choose Service My Car’s mobile car service and get your car serviced around your schedule. Whether it’s a mobile oil change or a routine filter replacement, you can get it all done with our mobile mechanic. You can easily book all kind of services like: Car Oil Change, Car Battery Replacement, Car AC Repair, Wheel Alignment and more, on our website or on our app.

Book your mobile car service today on our website or on the Service My Car app.

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