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Get A Low Maintenance Dedicated Server in Turkey With Serverwala


There are various types of web hostings to connect your domain to your business web page. All the web hostings have different features with different limitations to use them. But as we opt for shared web hostings then all the functions that we have are shared with multiple websites on the server. So, the cost of maintaining your website or server increases as your traffic spikes.

Hence, To get rid of these extra maintenance costs, Serverwala comes with an option to have low maintenance expenses on the server that is a Dedicated Server in Turkey. You do not have to worry about extra expenses on the server like security or virus protections or anything like these. They provide you with all these functions in one web hosting that is a Dedicated Server.

Cut in Extra Expenses After Having A Turkey Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server Turkey

Everyone wants to have web hosting that is secured and protects their website from maleficient activities. And, these problems occur when we have other web hostings like Shared Web Hosting or VPS Hosting. VPS Hosting is secured more than shared but because it also has multiple websites on one server, it is also not much protective.

Now, We will discuss some of the points that why we have extra maintenance expenses in other web hostings.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting is a kind of web hosting that has all the functions that are shared to various websites. On one server, multiple websites are connected. You don’t know what type of websites are on the server and if any bad website is connected then it will also impact your website.

So, to escape your web page from all of these, you have to hire some technical experts who can handle this. And there are charges starting from $1500-$3000. Even the web hosting that you bought is about $3-$835. So, If we calculate the data, we can say that the tech expenses are much higher than web hosting itself.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server(VPS) hosting is a web hosting where your website is connected virtually to the server. It offers a little more resource limitation to users than shared hosting. But the problem remains the same because in this too, your website is connected to multiple websites. And you don’t know anything about these things.

In view of high traffic on sites, you experience destruction in page load or in the site. And, it will impact your brand image. Furthermore, to avoid all these problems you need to hire a technical expert for your website. Its expenses are also the same as shared web hosting but the web hosting price is higher than a shared server.

Dedicated Server

We can say dedicated servers are a little costlier than VPS and Shared hostings. But because of the functions and facilities, it provides to the users, we can say it is worth it. There is no issue with hiring any technical expertise to handle your server.

By investing in Serverwala’s Dedicated Server in Turkey, you get their excellent technical expertise to handle your server. No other website is connected to the server, so you do not have to worry about bad activities or site downfall. You will get the powerful performance of your site with Turkey Dedicated Server.

Serverwala Provides the Best Dedicated Server in Turkey

Serverwala is a leading web hosting company that offers web hostings at an affordable price with the best quality and features. As per your business demand, you can have Dedicated Server Hosting in Turkey with any type of CPU, Bandwidth, and RAM. It does depend on you. They have different types of plans and packages to serve their users with the best.

You can even have multiple websites on your physical server(Dedicated Server). Without any outsider interruptions, your sites are secured. A Dedicated Server Turkey offers you some great features to host your website, so have a look at them.

SSH Root Access to All Users

Generally, in other web hostings, we have limited root access for our server. So to protect our website from other harmful activities, we do not have any choice but to suffer from that only. Here Serverwala’s Best Dedicated Server Turkey comes with the ultimate solution. With this, you have access to all the functions and you are the only user, so no interferences of destructive developments. Serverwala gives you full authority access to your Dedicated Server in Turkey with all functionalities.

Premium Security

Dedicated Server in Turkey is known for the prime security feature that it provides to its users. You can even lodge the security application that you want for your site. The main tip that we have to keep in mind is to update the security software from time to time. You will protect your site from malware attacks and viruses. 

Optimal Performance

A Dedicated server offers maximum resource limits, much flexibility, and scalability to your website. That enhances the friendliness of the server. It will boost your server’s performance to the extreme level and people will enjoy investing their time and money on your website for your products or services.  It will build your brand reputation on good terms.

Serverwala Cheap Dedicated Server Turkey Packages

When we talk about a dedicated server, everyone already made up their mind that because of the features it provides, it is very expensive. Even some dedicated hosting providers sell it at higher prices. But Serverwala offers a Dedicated server in Turkey at an affordable price to its clients. With minimum price, you have prime features of dedicated servers and you can choose what kind of CPU, RAM, and Bandwidth you want for your site. They have all the varieties in Cheap Dedicated Server Turkey packages. It starts from $220-$450/mon.

Cheap Dedicated Server Turkey


The information that this article has, provides you a good knowledge about a Dedicated Server in Turkey. And, why is it important to have a dedicated server for low maintenance expenses for your site?

We can say all the features that it provides and the supplier(Serverwala) who provides their technical expertise to its customers maintain to server well. Serverwala offers you to have a Dedicated server in Turkey with low expenses at a cheap price. You can visit their website for more information, they are available 24/7 hours to help you.

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