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Do these 3 yoga asanas daily to increase eyesight

Are your eyes too weak? Nowadays, hours are spent on mobile phones, laptops, and TVs. It has a bad effect on our health as well as on the eyes. The eyes start getting weak due to the use of these things for hours. This is the reason that nowadays children, whether grown-up or elderly, all people have glasses on their eyes. In such a situation, the eyesight should always remain intact, for this, you must include some yoga asanas in your daily routine.

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Yogasanas to increase eyesight:


1. Bhumipad Mastakasana

Bhumipad Mastakasana may seem difficult in appearance, but it can be done very easily. There are many benefits to health by doing Bhumipad Mastakasana regularly. It helps in increasing eyesight. In addition, it strengthens the muscles of the neck, back, legs and arms. By doing this, the blood circulation or blood flow in the body is better. Not only this, but it also enhances the hearing power. By doing Bhumipad Mastakasana, concentration increases, and stress is reduced.

How to do Bhumipad Mastakasana:

  • To do Bhumipad Mastakasana, first of all, spread a mat or mat in a quiet place.
  • Sit comfortably on it and then come into Marjari posture (in this position your knees and palms remain on the ground).
  • Now while exhaling keep your head between the palms.
  • After this, slowly lift both your knees and buttocks.
  • Tie both your hands on the back.
  • During this, you have to try to balance your body.
  • After staying in this state for some time, come back to the starting position.
  • You can do this asana 3-5 times.

Precautions while doing Bhumipad Mastakasana:

  • While doing Bhumipad Mastakasana, you need to take care of some important things. Avoid doing this asana if there is a pain in the hands and feet.
  • You should not do this even if you have a headache.
  • Patients with hypertension or high blood pressure should not do it.
  • Even if you have problems with cervical, frozen shoulder, do not do it.
  • Pregnant women should also not do this asana.
  • Those who have recently had an operation should also avoid practicing it.


2. Baddha Konasana

Baddhakonasana is also known as butterfly posture. In this, the shape of a butterfly is made by joining the soles of both feet. When the knees are moved up and down, it looks like a butterfly. Its regular practice improves blood circulation in the body. This asana is helpful in strengthening the knees and hamstrings. Also, butterfly posture can be beneficial for pregnant women. By doing this daily, the eyesight becomes brighter, it does not spoil the eyes quickly.

How to do Baddhakonasana:

  • To do this asana, first lay a mat.
  • Sit on this with both your legs straight.
  • Now bend both your knees.
  • Connect the soles of both feet together.
  • Now hold both the feet with both the palms.
  • After that move your knees up and down.
  • You can do this many times. Gradually it can also be increased according to its capacity.
  • This is a very easy exercise.

Precautions while doing Baddhakonasana:

  • Baddhakonasana is a leg posture. While doing this, you must take some precautions. Although everyone can do it, some sensitive people should avoid doing it.
  • You should not do this asana in case of knee injury or pain.
  • Do not practice this asana during periods or menstruation.
  • Heart patients should not do Baddhakonasana.
  • Avoid doing this asana even if you are a patient with high blood pressure.

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3. Tratak Yoga

Regular practice of Tratak yoga improves eyesight. It cures all diseases related to the eyes. This increases concentration and memory. Tratak yoga is also helpful in relieving stress, anxiety, and fatigue. By doing this yoga daily, your eyes will be very clean. Not only this, but Tratak Yoga also cures the problem of insomnia by calming the mind. In addition, it also benefits heart health. Tratak yoga should be done with the full method, only then it gets its full benefits.

How to do Tratak Yoga:

  • To do Tratak Yoga, first of all, spread a mat in a quiet place or room.
  • Sit on it in a comfortable position.
  • Keep your head, neck, back, and spine straight.
  • Sit in the meditation posture and close both your eyes.
  • Keep the object you want to focus on exactly parallel to your eyes.
  • Now slowly open your eyes and focus on the object.
  • You have to keep looking at it till the water comes out of your eyes.
  • After this, rub both your palms and apply it to your eyes.
  • Slowly open your eyes.
  • You can do this yoga 3-4 times.
  • Minimize it in the beginning. Gradually its time should be increased.

Precautions while doing Tratak Yoga:

  • If there is any kind of problem in the eyes, do not do Tratak Yoga at all.
  • Keep the object or flame very parallel to your eyes.
  • Those who do Tratak yoga should always eat sattvic food.
  • Do not do this at all after the eyes get watery. It can be done again after taking some rest.

You can also include these 3 yoga asanas in your daily routine to increase your eyesight. In the beginning, you should do these less and gradually. Then you can increase its time as per your capacity. Keep in mind that first do these yoga asanas only on the advice of a yoga expert.

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