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Destinations in Mexico for the best bridal shower party

Take note and start packing your bags, because surely after reading about these Mexican destinations, you will want to go immediately for a bridal shower party or even to take a trip with friends.

If something is very clear to us in the A Party Theme, it is that saying goodbye to being single deserves a good celebration full of fun, music, and very good drinks in the company of the most important women in your life: your bridesmaids, friends, sisters or cousins. And you will not let us lie, but many times we believe that to have an unforgettable trip it is necessary to go to another country and the truth is that we are wrong; And no, it doesn’t matter that going on a cruise to the Caribbean or a trip to Las Vegas is fashionable because in Mexico we have paradisiacal places that can be the perfect setting for you to have and organize the best bridal shower party. Do you want to know what they are? Then continue reading this article.

Bridal shower party on the beach

Can you imagine being able to spend some incredible days with your friends, in front of the sea, before the big day? Here are the perfect destinations to create an unforgettable farewell by the sea, on spectacular beaches in Mexico.

Carmen beach

One of the most recognized tourist centers in the world. The reason? Its turquoise beaches, the people, its streets, and all the activities that you can do while in this place: from a wonderful walk in the cenotes that the house in the Yucatan Peninsula, snorkeling, swimming in reefs, sunbathing and of course, enjoy the nightlife that characterizes Playa del Carmen so much.

Carmen beach

Another reason why you should consider this destination is that you have the option of staying in one of the hotels in its surroundings, which, for the most part, are resort hotels that have the “all inclusive” service, so all they have to worry about is putting on sunscreen, and nothing else!

Quintana Roo has it all, you can put together a 5-day trip and do a combo with lots of parties and shows, as well as add a visit to nature. I recommend these parks to visit where you will be practically all day full of activities between cenotes, rivers, vegetation, thousands of species of animals, and most importantly, the beach.

One of the places that very few people know about and that should definitely be part of your bucket list is a natural place that is part of the World Heritage Site.

Visit Sian Ka’an 

Sian Ka'an 

Its name means “place where heaven begins” I think that just knowing the name can convince anyone to visit this earthly paradise, water, salt, and lots of vegetation.

The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve is a natural area protected by UNESCO, you are guaranteed to find everything in its natural state. It is a place to go to meditate, rest, sunbathe, and even take photos of the animals that you can see around you.

Xcaret Group – Parks


If you are looking for contact with nature and fun activities, as well as being able to enjoy drinks and food, visiting one of the theme parks of the Xcaret group may be the perfect option.

Something beautiful and delicious about Quintana Roo is its gastronomy, I will recommend some places that you are going to love so much, that you are going to plan trips just to return and try the delicious menu again. Double bridal shower party!

Restaurants Tulum, Beach of Carmen, and Cancun

  • Tulum: Casa Jaguar, Co.conamor, Wild Tulum
  • Carmen Beach: Oh la la!, the Fisheries, Axiote
  • Cancun: Madero Port, Cenacolo, Lorenzillo’s, Flamingos Seafood

Are you already convinced? Here we share some of the best hotels in all of Quintana Roo,  which you can find in directories, such as Hotel Casa Magna MarriottHotel Riu CaribeGrand Park Royal Cancún Caribe,  Secrets Maroma Beach and many more! 



Surely in the last few months, you have heard the name of this island more than once; a perfect natural reserve to relax in the company of your friends and forget for a moment about everything that has to do with wedding planning. Among the coolest activities is swimming with whale sharks. The only thing they must take into account is the means of transportation to get to the island since it can only be by means of a ferry, boat, or air taxi. Another point to consider is that Holbox is not as touristy as Cancun or Carmen Beach, so if you want to avoid the crowds at your bridal shower party, then this is the right place.

Lower California

If you love sunbathing and feeling the heat, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to visit Baja California which is known for its extremely high temperatures, you can crack an egg on the pavement and it will cook in the heat of the sun.

Ensenada or Guadalupe Valley


You can see the most impressive landscapes you can imagine in Ensenada; Imagine going on a road trip with the sea accompanying you at all times. During these days you must completely forget about the diet, because believe us, you will eat like never before in your life; On the other hand, Guadalupe Valley is only 45 minutes from Ensenada, where you can visit some of the vineyards such as Monte Xanic and Fifth Monastery, so yes, on this trip wine will be your best company. This destination is perfect for a super comfortable and relaxed plan, in the company of the women closest to you, because it will be a 24/7 coexistence where you will be and a very good glass of wine.


New Vallarta

New vallarta

I love this destination! I love that you have the option of renting a car with your friends and going to visit various little beaches that are around Nuevo Vallarta.

If you feel like doing some sporting activity, don’t forget to ask the hotels what activities they offer. In most of them, they give Surf classes, as long as the weather and the waves of the sea lend themselves, also yoga sup, or simply take a ride on the banana boat.



The most colorful streets that you will see in your life are in this town, and its charm is multiplied thanks to the Mexican style that it has in all its corners. It is definitely a place with a bohemian touch, full of “coolness”, to spend a spectacular bridal shower party. If you want a relaxed plan you can enjoy the beach next to the surfer life that characterizes this place so much; For a more touristic plan, you can visit the Marietas Islands, one of the most incredible and important ecological sanctuaries in Mexico, and all you need is to hire a tour that has special permits to visit this beautiful hidden beach.

Sayulita is only one hour from Vallarta Port, so you can also consider the option of staying in this city and visiting Sayulita for only one day; It all depends on the plan you want to do since it is very likely that they have more places to party in Vallarta Port.

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