Custom Pillow Boxes Shortcuts- Apply these!

Custom pillow boxes have caught massive interest on the racks. It is the unique style of the box that has gathered the interest of the customers. You can encase anything within the pillow boxes starting from the jewelry to the candies. All the elegant and eatable products look outstanding within the pillow boxes.

The pillow shape boxes are easy to assemble and don’t require much gluing etc. You can get these boxes in various materials. And to have the most attractive one you need to hire a good packaging firm.

Go through the following shortcuts to apply on the pillow boxes to transform your packaging completely:

Apply Bold and Bright Colors

Have you seen pop art? This was the art established in the 1950s. However, this art style comprises the most popping colors which can catch the maximum attention of the people on the shelves.

The bold and bright colors are always responsible to get the maximum eyes of the onlookers while placed on the racks. You can create a combination of the design by mixing up two colors. However, these creative designs are full of life and fun as the buyers will love to have this kind of custom pillow packaging.

The fun artwork will highlight the key features of your product such as the name of the product, ingredients, and usage. Hence, these are all the important features of a specific product.

Further, do focus on the typography of the brand. Create the correct alignment and spacing between the text so that text doesn’t seem to look irregular.

Elegant Illustrations

The addition of the elegant illustration is truly the winner. You can add elegant illustrations regarding the product such as if you are placing chocolate candies within the boxes then add the tasty candies within the boxes by illustrating them with the yummy graphical artwork.

Try to keep the aesthetic of the boxes simple and minimal. You can simply create your boxes rock by choosing the colors black, grey, and white. However, the design and the typography of the boxes should be simple. Or the boxes can adopt the Nordic elements for inspiration.

Go for selecting the sans-serif font to highlight the major text of the box as it brings simplicity to the eyes.

The addition of the window patch within the pillow packaging boxes provides an elegant sneak peek within the box which engages the onlookers. And onlookers become your potential customers quickly. It is the external design of the box that inspires the people.

The pillow boxes structure and design highlight the fun nature of the gift box itself. It is the perfect box to start the party with.

Keep Balance in the Design

Don’t do so much designing that the custom pillow box looks crowded and heavy on the eyes. You can design the boxes cleverly to catch the maximum attention of the onlookers. The symmetry of the design and the color balance does justice with the packaging.

Along with this make sure that the custom pillow boxes give a powerful design statement.

All the above listed are shortcuts that you can apply to your traditional boxes to transform them into the most unique boxes. It is the outer look of the packaging that creates the difference. So, wait no more and hire a good packaging company to have awesomely customized boxes.

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