Construction Tips For Balcony That’ll Best Suit Your Home!

You should give some thought to the type of balcony you want in your home whether building a new one or even remodeling an old one. In addition to being functional, balconies enhance the outside beauty of your home.

Your home’s wide balcony gives you an extra room to enjoy a get-together with family and friends or the outdoors scenery. Once you’ve made the decision to add a balcony to your property, you may select from a variety of styles, but the one you choose will mostly rely on how your home looks from the outside.

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You may use the list of different types of balconies in this blog to decide which kind of balcony structure is best for your house.

Various Types of Balconies

There are structures sticking out from the building’s facade on cantilevered balconies.

A balcony is a surface that extends from an upper level outward and is secured by a railing for safety. The balcony’s size varies even in modest homes, depending on the size of the house overall. Small balconies outside window panes are affixed to the building, whereas large balconies are often supported by pillars on lower levels.

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The many types of balconies you may find on houses include the ones below:

  • Cantilevered balcony
  • Hung balcony
  • Stacked balcony
  • False balcony
  • Mezzanine balcony
  • Loggia balcony

Cantilevered Balcony

Building faces feature structures that project outward from cantilevered balconies. These constructions lack any obvious supports; instead, they are held up by girders or rods of steel or iron that are concealed. The weight of the wall is cantilevered to sustain these balconies. These balconies can only be installed when the house is being built for the first time due to their intricate design.

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These balconies are relatively tiny because, as the depth of the balcony rises, it becomes less able to handle heavier weights, necessitating more complex constructing methods.

Cantilever balconies are often composed of steel or concrete, but technological advancements in construction materials have led to solutions that are both physically stronger and more visually pleasing. It is advised to employ the thermal bridging technique, which offers the structure a thermal break, when combining steel and iron. Thermal break joints are used to stop the passage of heat for this reason.

Hung Balcony

As the name implies, a hung balcony really hangs from the structure. Don’t worry; steel wires and screws support it completely. Hung balconies, like cantilevered balconies, are supported balconies in which a sizable floor or plate is suspended from the structure at a 45-degree angle by steel cables.

Stacked Balcony

Simple vertical pillars are used to link two or more balconies together to make stacked balconies. The pillar technique reduces the load on the building while also providing a great deal of support for individual balconies. Most of the time, it is constructed as a separate structure and isn’t even a part of the building.

The building’s aesthetics must be somewhat sacrificed when choosing a stacked balcony, although these balconies are valued for their simplicity.

False Balconies

Juliet balconies are another name for false balconies.

False balconies go by a variety of names, but the most common one is Juliet balcony. This is not a genuine balcony where you may set some furniture or take a few steps, unlike other balconies. It only appears to be a balcony from the exterior of the home, but depending on the available area, there is typically just enough room for a few plant pots.

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Given that they have a railing, these balconies are comparable in design to any other balcony. These are frequently found on apartment buildings, but they may be used on a home just as well.

Mezzanine Balcony

A mezzanine balcony is built inside the home, allowing you a second place to sit. While still being fully aware of your surroundings, in contrast to all other types of balconies, which are outside the house. With this mezzanine balcony, you may construct a big or little deck, depending entirely on the sort of function you want, but it will also have rails for safety.

Loggia Balcony

In contrast to other balconies, a loggia balcony has a roof. The only distinction still exists that it is covered from the top. In certain homes, it is also constructed as a protruded structure. That is plainly visible from the side of the building like any other sort of balcony. Typically, there is enough room in a loggia balcony to fit some furniture for cosy seating.

There is enough room in a loggia balcony to fit some furniture for cosy and calm seating.

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Buildings with an open glass façade can only be utilised in a tropical nation like Pakistan. If they also have a number of additional qualities. Reflectors, heavy draperies, and 24-hour air conditioning are a few of them. This is due to the fact that, regardless of glass thickness. A glass façade may readily heat up in a nation like Pakistan where temperatures can get to 50 degrees Celsius, giving the impression of a sunroom.

Anyone seated or working in the area near to the glass wall may find it too hot to do so. It has been observed that glass can occasionally break due to warming, posing a safety concern.


Continuous air conditioning in offices may also be challenging and expensive to maintain. In order to prevent loose ends and damages. Builders, contractors and construction companies must also make sure that the personnel they are engaging are qualified to precisely harness the glass.

There is no risk from an open glass façade building if these issues are resolved. The glass curtain walls are maintained properly.

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