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For any working person, the resume is one of the most important documents. A well-written resume is an excellent component for breaking into the corporate world. Building a perfect resume is the first step in getting a job for a newcomer. Your entire life’s accomplishments are compressed into a one-page document, but organizing it takes skill. An impactful resume will help you make a good first impression and get one step closer to your dream job. As a result, all elements of your resume, particularly the resume headline for fresher, should be on point.

A resume headline, also known as a resume title, is a summary that highlights your characteristics and career profile. Because it is the first thing that the employer reads, the first thing at the top of your resume must be impressive. It should be catchy enough to keep your employer’s attention so that they can proceed further. A resume headline must include work experience for people with work experience; however, for a fresher with no job experience, it can include some of their characteristics to align them with the type of job applied for.

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How to Write an Attractive Resume Headline

  • Depending on the type of job profile you are applying for, write the headline in a personalized tone.
  • Instead of full sentences, use phrases. Keep it brief and to the point.
  • The use of heavy jargon may cause your headline to become too cliched.
  • Use strong keywords when describing your characteristics to draw the recruiter’s attention.
  • Include data-driven information to increase the impact.

Before submitting the document, proofread it: A resume headline should be brief and to the point, positioning you as the best candidate for the job. To create an impactful resume title, you must highlight your educational achievements, personality traits, and specializations. Resume headlines differ depending on the job profile you are applying for, so let’s look at some examples.

Best Resume Headlines for New Graduates

Software Developer

“Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science.” Have strong coding abilities in Java, C++, and PHP. “A driven professional with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.”

“As a systems architect and software developer, I have extensive domain knowledge in the analysis, development, and management of complex software solutions.”

Mechanical Engineer

“Excellent technical knowledge combined with quantitative aptitude.” A team player with excellent communication skills.”

“Excellence in preparing and reviewing estimates and RFPs.” “Experienced with CAD software and ANSYS mechanical software.”

“Skilled in COSMOS with a huge passion for machines and machine learning.”

Electrical Engineer

“Excellent in MIS with excellent reporting and organizational skills.” High level of proficiency in drawing project reports as well.”

“B.Tech in electrical engineering with mixed-signal circuit design expertise.”

“Experience in electrical specifications for new system design, as well as familiarity with MATLAB, Autodesk, AutoCAD, and other software.”

Business Analyst

“Excellent primary and secondary research skills, as well as an analytical mindset.” Excellent organizational skills and a keen eye for detail.”

“Research professional with a strong analytical bent and excellent research skills.”

“Extensive knowledge of the retail and e-commerce industries, as well as major customer segments, with excellent negotiation and problem-solving abilities.”

Chartered Accountant

“Excellent ability to handle all related accounting operations as well as cash flow management.”

“In-depth understanding of GAAP, Financial Reporting, Taxation, Auditing, and Industry Trends.”

“Capable of dealing with large numbers across multiple accounts at the same time.”

HR Manager

“I have a degree in human resources.” A people-person with excellent communication and comprehension skills.”

“Well-versed in HR databases, the recruitment process, employee engagement, and excellent negotiation skills.”

“Strong knowledge of statutory compliance and the ability to handle employee grievances.”

Teaching Professional

“Excellent subject knowledge, as well as excellent communication skills and the ability to motivate others.”

“Innovative teaching methods that can handle a large group of children at once.”

“B.Ed degree seeking a school where I can apply my academic knowledge and teaching methods.”

“Encourage creative and higher-order thinking, which will help students perform better.”

Content Writer

“A talent for generating creative content from mundane information.”

“Excellent grammar and writing skills in English.” “The ability to present innovative ideas in an engaging manner.”

“An English literature graduate who is goal-oriented, analytical, and highly creative in her content, capable of writing in a variety of genres.”

Financial Analyst

“Finance masters with extensive experience in budgeting, financial forecasting, and financial modeling tools.”

“Excellent at consolidating, analyzing, and creating dashboards for financial data.”

“A result-oriented financial analyst looking for a challenging environment to put my business development management skills to use.”

Sales Executive

“Excellent at lead generation and customer relationship management.”

“Excellent at using multiple communication channels to improve customer service and resolve customer issues.”

“Recent MBA graduate with marketing internship experience.” Multilingual abilities, as well as excellent customer interaction skills.”

Graphic Designer

“Excellent at creating unique designs based on current trends.” Illustrator and Dreamweaver expertise.”

“Skilled in designing various logos, web designs, banners, and many more as needed by clients.”

“Photoshop, Corel Draw, and PageMaker expert with great innovative design ideas that can help make your brand stand out.”

Interior Designer

“Interior design degree with proficiency in AutoCAD, 3D, Photoshop, and other programs.”

“Experience in creating aesthetically pleasing spaces for bedrooms, offices, and restaurants based on client requirements.”

“The ability to create excellent designs for commercial and residential needs.” Excellent presentation and communication abilities.”

Travel Agent

“Experienced in organizing tours for both individuals and groups.” Excellent budgeting and planning abilities.”

“Internship with a leading travel company, solid knowledge of visa requirements.”


Creating a crisp, strong, and impactful headline is the only way to get the employer’s attention. Make sure you can justify whatever you write in the headline because it has the most impact and will likely stay in the recruiter’s mind for a longer period of time. Be truthful, express yourself effectively, and be prepared to answer any questions about the headline. The headline may help, but your personality, ability to think on your feet, and out-of-the-box thinking will ultimately help you land your dream job. So, be passionate and continue to dream!

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