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Best Places to Visit in Ontario | Travel Guide

People living in cities crave nature and its beauty. The peace, the freshness, the calm, and the views are what we all need to rest our souls and we have found the perfect getaway for people like us. 

Ontario in Canada is a place of wilderness and greenery, lakes, and hills. From the renowned Niagara Falls to Thunder Bay, here you will find some of the most fascinating places to take a tour. So, get yourself an Alaska Airlines Tickets already, and get close to nature in Ontario!

We have jotted down the top 5 places that no one visiting Ontario must miss. Let’s dive into it!

  • Niagara Falls

No one even has to doubt visiting one of the most gorgeous attractions in Ontario. Niagara Falls is as beautiful and breathtaking as it is from a distance. The sparkling water from these fascinating falls can be viewed from the American as well as Canadian side since they are located right on the border of the US and Canada. You can spend a fresh and calm day out sound these falls and you will never want to go home. 

  • Manitoulin Island

The world’s largest freshwater island, Manitoulin Island is another perfect location to spend a day out sound the waters. The journey to reach here is as adventurous as the palace itself. You can hike up the Cup and Saucer Hiking Trail or can take a ride while enjoying the views. The highlight on his island is the Strawberry Island Lighthouse that literally looks like a strawberry. 

  • Thunder Bay

To get a few glimpses of Ontario history, Thunder Bay is the place for you. With a collection of around 40 historical sites, you will definitely take a time travel to the 18th Century. With the fantastic backdrop, this place will take you far from the city life and its noise. If you want to go a little adventurous, you must head to the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, where you will find, not one but many amazing trails. 

  • Parliament Hill

If you want to feel patriotic and want to see the political end of Ontario, head to Parliament Hill in Ottawa. This hill is a perfect collection of Parliament buildings. Many people visit here over the year and see the country from a different angle. In fact, you will find places that were built between the mid-80s and early 90s and are still left untouched. 

  • Muskoka

Another gorgeous lakeside location to visit is Muskoka. This is a place at its most raw, rugged form. With many gorgeous lakes and amazing views, Muskoka is perfect for people looking for a day away from people and just being themselves. If you are in Ontario during the fall, you just can’t miss the beautiful colorful leaves here. 


We understand that life can become hectic sometimes and taking a break becomes necessary. So the next time you miss the beauty this world has to offer, book yourself Spirit Airlines Booking and fly out to Ontario. If you have a few more days left, you can also explore the other beautiful parts of Canada on your vacation.

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