Air Suspension: Common Questions And Best Solutions

In today’s post of question and solution on air suspension, will answer some of the most basic but essential questions many drivers have. They’re not difficult to solve, yet, it’s necessary to explain them clearly. Read on to find out the best solutions you can have to solve your airbag suspension problems.

What is air suspension? 

Basically, when we talk about suspensions, we mean the conventional suspension systems that use metal springs. For example, there are coil spring and leaf spring suspensions. Then, there is the air suspension system. It is a relatively recent, well, not that new though, technology for suspension solutions. Basically, airbags replace the metal springs and work as the components to provide a smoother and softer ride.

What is an air spring?

Air spring is normally rubber-made airbags. Sometimes we call air springs airbags or bellows. Yet, according to Wikipedia, the more accurate name should be air spring. Either way, air spring is the part that replaces metal spring. They are just airbags with pressurized air inside of them. In other words, they are just another form of springs.

air suspension spring

What is an air strut? 

Air strut is like the combination of a regular strut you already knew, with airbags. Compared to the strut, air strut has the advantages airbags can provide.


What is the cost of putting your car on airbags?what is an air strut

These are the costs of the new airbags as well as labor from an auto shop. A car owner might expect to pay $200-$700 for a driver-side airbag. Also, it can cost anywhere from $400 to $1000 for a passenger-side bag.

And for the total cost, move on to the next question.

How much does an airbag suspension system cost?

Air ride suspension systems are expensive. Actually, airbags can be more expensive than other suspension systems. Generally, air lift suspension kits start at $2,600 and can go up to about $3,000. Thus, a coilover one is much more affordable.

Well, this is just an estimate. The real case depends on many aspects that may change over time.

Can you put air suspension on any vehicle? 

Older vehicles are usually equipped with traditional coil spring suspension systems. However, airbag suspension kits allow for advanced air suspension components to be added to older cars. For older vehicles, there are many options for car air bag suspension kits.

How does an air suspension system work?

Basically, an air suspension system is a type of vehicle suspension. And they’re usually two ways of how it works. One way is powered by an engine-driven compressor. The other is an electric pump supply the power. As a standard feature, there will be an onboard air compressor. It injects air into flexible air bellows made of textile-reinforced rubber. The bellows or airbags are inflated by the air pressure. Then, as a result, the chassis is lifted from the axle.

What is the life expectancy of air suspension?

The manufacturer, vehicle, system, and the amount of use they make will all affect the life expectancy of air suspension airbags. It’s impossible to give the exact number, yet, the life expectancy of an airbag is between 50,000 to 70,000 miles. However, they may require replacement after 10 years.

Are you able to travel fast with airbag suspension?

The miles car produces around 500 horsepower. But can an airbag suspension handle more? Yes, it can.

What is the average time it takes to install an airbag?

For a professional, 8-10 hours is enough to install the air spring.

Does airbag suspension need shocks?

Properly set up shocks give you precise control over your vehicle’s braking, acceleration, and cornering. Shocks are important in air suspension systems for other reasons. Air is compressible and air springs can be used as pressure vessels. Therefore, spring rates may vary.

high-quality aftermarket air suspension kit

Is air bag suspension reliable?

Most air suspension systems are reliable for the short term. However, airbag suspension systems are often found in more expensive vehicles and can travel a lot farther than entry-level models. This is where it can become costly.

What PSI should my airbags have?

Well, you should start with your vehicle at the level of the ground or slightly higher. Motor homes should have 90-100 PSI at the rear. Add air to your front airbags if the vehicle’s front dives when braking.

What happens if air suspension is not working?

In fact, it can’t keep the airbags inflated if it malfunctions, leading to the car sagging, bottoming out, and a bumpier ride. Usually, a failing air suspension kit is the result of an overworked air compressor. Airbags that are damaged or punctured will not stay inflated.

Can you drive with a broken air suspension?

No. Broken air rides can cause your truck to bounce too much, making it unsafe to drive. It will work fine if the air suspension is removed with springs and coils.

What are the advantages of air suspension?

Airbag suspension has many advantages.

It can ensure reduced fuel consumption.

Also, you can use it on different terrains.

Tire life is longer.

Better resale.

Road surfaces are less damaged.

Load shifting and damage are less.

Which is better, air suspension or coilovers?

Coilover suspension kits employ traditional coil springs to adjust your vehicle’s height. Coilovers don’t have the same versatility as airbag suspension kits. It is possible to switch the coils for a firmer or softer ride or a higher ride height. However, it will not be as simple as pressing a button.

What weight can air shocks support?

Normally, 1100 lbs.

Is it possible to repair air shocks?

Air struts/shocks are crucial to vehicle safety and handling. They can replace the air shocks or perform any other repairs necessary to restore proper handling, performance, and comfort to your vehicle.

Which car is equipped with air suspension?

Actually, many SUVs now have it as an OEM feature. Here are some of the popular examples. 2018 Lexus GX460 and 2018 Volvo XC90 have it. Also, the 2018 Tesla Model X and 2018 BMW X5 contain it. Besides, 2018 Mercedes-Benz comes with its Airmatic system.

Many luxury cars come with airbags. For example, Mercedes C-Class and Volvo XC60, also Audi Q7 has it.

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