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A Guide to Custom App Development in 2022

The custom app development led to the creation of millions of apps in 2021, with a prediction of a further increase in 2022. The previous research showed over 2.87 million applications in Google Play Store and 1.96 million in Apple App Store. Seeing the millions of apps around you might be thinking they are always a success, but in reality, these are some of the best apps that withstand time. They defeated some similar apps to be known by the world. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say out of 1000 apps, only one gets successful. Therefore, assuming all applications win at the end isn’t a good idea to invest.

Each app serves a different purpose, catering to the emerging problems with high functionality and unique features. Organizations belong to various industries; therefore, the same app may not work for every company, making it essential to hire an app development agency to develop customized apps. These apps streamline the goals and business requirements while fulfilling users’ needs. What could be best for companies than to create their apps with their own ideas? Hence, companies invest much time, money, and effort in developing modern applications integrated with the latest technologies.

What is custom app development?

The custom application development deals with building apps revolving around the customer’s requirements. The app launches with specific features, functions, and designs ordered by the company. These applications are usually created for internal users like time tracking and customer management but can be made for external users like game and educational purposes. In short, they get built targeting particular needs of customers through personalized features instead of standard software solutions. The customers can even choose the technology they want to implement to enhance user experiences and serve the clients.

Custom app development falls into two broad categories. Custom web app development and custom mobile app development, depending on the client’s demands. The custom web application development focuses on developing apps that users can access through web browsers from phones, laptops, tablets, etc. However, the app should fit all screen sizes in the same format without looking too crowded. It makes web app development a bit more challenging than other applications.

The custom mobile app development may look similar to web apps, but it focuses on creating solutions for existing operating systems or mobile phones. These apps are easily adaptable to all screen sizes. They make them compatible with the best operating systems in the world. Furthermore, they can be used on all platforms while being available for tablets, wearable devices, and smartphones.

How much time does custom app development take?

Custom app development is a challenging task. From brainstorming to integrating advanced technologies to its after services. It often takes up to a year to deliver the final products. Thus, it requires a team of skilled developers and designers that can work for long hours to launch the right app for suitable devices. Since the development process starts with planning and gathering all the requirements, it may take two to four weeks.

The designing stage often lasts for two weeks as the designers know what and how to create. The third stage is all about development and is the most critical stage of the entire process. Therefore, the time period varies from three to eight months depending on the developer’s expertise. After this, the implementation period starts. It often lasts for four weeks. Once done, the application undergoes testing and maintenance for up to six weeks. However, the simple apps usually require three weeks to test and fix the issues before the final deployment. Lastly, the production may take more than three weeks to get the app to the final users.

More About App Development

These are just standard timings usually followed by companies worldwide. But the actual development timeline depends on the project’s complexity. Small apps may take up to three months to get launched. Whereas, an extensive app development stage may last for up to twelve months. The level of complexity here depends on the number of screens, integration with various systems or apps, extensive reporting, data migration, support for other devices, operating systems, and platforms, need for an admin portal, inaccurate data from stakeholders, or changes in the requirements at the last moment. Thus, it becomes crucial for the developers or designers sot brainstorm and plan before starting with the app development process. The more experienced the company or developer, the lesser are the chances of going wrong. It may even lead to high app development costs if any of the above reasons extend the delivery time.

What factors make an app successful?

The use of apps is its deciding factor. However, it usually revolves around its marketing, user-centricity, and the app itself. These three elements decide the revenue, profitability, and overall performance of the app for developers and users. When marketing the app, it becomes essential to know the target audience and create ads or tactics that directly target them. They should appeal to users to use the app. If companies target a luxurious niche, then iOS apps might be an excellent choice for them, increasing their sales and revenue exorbitantly.

Besides this, the user-centricity component boosts user retention.  It makes users return to the app and use it repeatedly. Here the prime focus is on the app’s design, including UI/UX that makes users purchase the app. It includes fonts, layout, images, colors, patterns, voice-led navigation, chatbots, and other features. According to recent research, virtual assistance technologies are expected to be used by eight billion people. Hence, companies should implement it now to gain a competitive edge. Thirdly, the app should be technically reliable. It should provide customers with smooth navigation with its user-friendly features. Further, it should offer data security, stable workflows, regular updates, and fast loading. This makes the app best for companies with guaranteed reliability at all times.


Custom app development is nothing new to the people in the 21st century. Here technological development has skyrocketed with unique ideas trying to offer the best experiences to users. From healthcare to fashion, industries are focusing on creating apps to create an online presence. It is because most of the audience uses it 24/7. Hence, making targeting and marketing much easier than opting for traditional ways. Thus, users can easily access information, product lists, and purchase services remotely.

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