9 Apps Like Dream 11 Fantasy Cricket App and How To Create One

From cricket world cup to the T-20 tournament, single-day internationals or even the basic game of gully cricket, it is a game that many people in India play. With the variety of competitions available, the spectator will always be left wanting more.

But, simply watching the matches isn’t enough in the modern age of technology. The cheering crowd that up until now content watching the game from their television or at the stadium would like to be more close and intimate with the sport. With the advent of various cricket betting apps and apps such as dream 11, Fantasy cricket games have become a part of the digital realm of the gaming industry in India.

What is fantasy cricket? What can you do to develop an application similar to Dream11? Let’s get into the details of the wonderful world of fantasy cricket, shall we?

What Is Fantasy Cricket?

Part of the fantasy sports genre, the fantasy cricket game is an online game with virtual teams made up of real players. Players create virtual teams that are based on real-world cricket players. Points are awarded based on the way these real-life players perform in actual games. To be successful in the tournament, participants in fantasy leagues need to earn the most points and achieve the top position at the top of the leaderboard.

With similar apps to dream 11, many fans are signing up for teams to apply their knowledge and experience in these sports. Most of them do this via their mobile phones. What is a fantasy cricket app? Let’s find out.

What Are Fantasy Cricket Apps?

The apps aim to provide you with the fun of playing cricket with your smartphone. With the dramatic growth in the popularity of smartphones and the advent of 4G technology in the market, apps for fantasy cricket are getting more well-known every day with users. There are nine apps like Dream 11 Fantasy Cricket App How to Create One.

The Market Scenario & Reason For Popularity

Cricket is an Indian religion. India. Therefore, it is evident that the business model of applications for cricket fantasy is growing. With the Dream 11 fantasy cricket apps, the market has grown to an unprecedented level.

In March of 2018, there were more than 20 million players. Based on AC Nielson and IFSG (Indian Federation of Sports Gaming), the number of users will exceed 100 million by 2020. India is one of the most popular markets for apps that simulate cricket in the world. In 2017, the growth rate for these apps went from 18 per cent to 20 per cent. It is predicted that by 2019, downloads of apps will surpass 352.9 million.

Apps such as dream 11 have facilitated the growth of a whole business ecosystem that includes various forms of competition, a large fanbase, large companies, brands, celebrities and more. Countries like India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa are the major players in this business ecosystem.

The top 4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Fantasy Cricket App Development

After all, what are the primary motives behind you deciding to develop and launch an app for fantasy cricket?

1. Less Competition in the Market

Although, at present, it is a well-known concept, it’s still a relatively new concept. That’s the reason why there isn’t much competition in the field. Since the competition isn’t so competitive, it’s ideal for introducing the fantasy cricket app concept. An early launch will make certain that you have the support of a loyal base of fans as well as a large portion of the market.

2. Scope and Time For Improvement

The concept behind this concept is in the early stages. There is plenty of time to make improvements. If you decide to launch your fantasy cricket app after the outlines of the app’s concept has been established, it won’t have any room for movement.

However, right now, in the stage of development, it is possible to play using the concept in your application. Also, you’ll have some time to try and refine the app further.

3. Plenty Of Opportunities

It is important to remember that India is an excellent source of gold in terms of opportunities associated with cricket. On a global level, you can find tournaments like the ODI match, Big Bash, Nat West tests T-20 world cup, and at a national level, you can find the IPL, the Ranji trophy, and numerous others.

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The abundance of opportunities provides you with a clear insight into how profitable it is to market apps such as the dream11 for cricket. Numerous cricket tournaments around the world can help you reach not just the Indian audience but also the international public.

4. Positive Legal Aspect

Although many see the game as gambling, cricket is a game that demands pure skill, experience and expertise. That’s why it’s legally permissible in India. This is why there are so many people playing the game in the country, which makes it a great app segment to explore.

Now that we’ve looked into this market and the reason that has led to the growth of Fantasy Cricket, let’s look at the most popular fantasy apps on the market.

List Of Popular Fantasy Cricket App In The Market

According to a market study by ICC, the sport has around one billion cricket fans across the globe. In addition, more than 90% originate originated from India.  Here is an overview of the most well-known apps that are making cricket lovers go nuts.


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