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4 Best Family-Friendly Holiday Spots to Visit in Toronto

Toronto is a beautiful vacation spot and the capital of Ontario, one of Canada’s largest cities. Moreover, the city is home to popular museums, art galleries, CN Tower, and world-famous attractions like Niagara Falls. Moreover, several path networks of underground walkways connect to shopping and entertainment options. In short, you will find no shortage of unique things to do, from taking sightseeing tours to exploring restaurants. In summer, explore the turquoise beaches and lush green parks if you are traveling in summer.

Take a complete look at the four best family-friendly holiday spots to visit in Toronto.

The CN Tower, Toronto

The CN Tower of 553 meters is the major landmark of Toronto and one of the most-visited tourist attractions. Tourists can take a trip to the observation areas to witness the jaw-dropping scenery over the city and Lake Ontario. Moreover, the CN tower was built between 1972 and 1976, and it once was the world’s tallest freestanding building.

You can see the highest observation point on the tower from the Sky Pod at 447 meters on clear days. However, if you are looking for more thrilling activities, take an “Edge Walk on a 1.5 meter-wide ledge. Now, if you are looking for money-saving vacation deals in Toronto, make a Jetblue booking on the official site. Furthermore, you will get access to cheap fares and top-notch in-flight amenities.

Casa Loma

Casa Loma stands on impressive grounds, making it an incredibly beautiful castle from medieval times. Initially, the castle was built in 1914 for Sir Henry Pellatt, an eccentric Canadian multi-millionaire. Moreover, he was the first one who recognized the potential of money-making in Niagara Falls. However, today it is a museum, open for public visit. While you are here, you will get glimpses of European elegance and grandeur. Most importantly, the site features secret passages, decorated suites, towers, stables, and estate gardens of five acres. There are around 100 rooms in the building, including three dozen bathrooms.

Kensington Market, Toronto

One of the other best family-friendly holiday spots to visit in Toronto is Kensington Market. Moreover, the market gives bohemian and multicultural vibes to the visitors. On a summer day, you can smell incense wafts in the air and listen to music from street performers. Moreover, you will see shops displaying colorful murals and street art, from Tibetan blankets to beautiful bags.

Besides, shop for antique jewelry, purses, and vintage clothes in unique colors and styles. In short, it is a great place for strolling with family or kids. Furthermore, explore fancy restaurants and coffee and cheese shops, offering a multicultural choice of festivals. In addition, you will also find tattoo parlors, fruit and vegetable stalls, and food shops in the area.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

It is a newly added tourist attraction in Toronto near the base of the CN Tower. Moreover, the large water tank exhibits all kinds of aquatic species. The aquarium has a moving sidewalk, and one can watch the sharks gliding all over the tunnel. After that, see the touch tanks features stingrays and small sharks, allowing a hands-on experience.

Consequently, spending even a week in Toronto is enough to get glimpses of exquisite beauty. Therefore, plan your trip by availing of the American Airlines Español services and obtain a premium flight experience with your family.

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