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Top 10 Scariest Mythical Creatures You’ve Never Heard Of

Top 10 Scariest Mythical Creatures You’ve Never Heard Of

These terrifying creatures are not something you would want to get into! We’ll be listing the most terrifying, fearsome, and other fantastical creatures from different world mythologies for this list. Jorogumo and Bulgasari, Rokurokubi, and many more are included in our countdown! Try the witch name generator for various witch names.

Most Scary Mythical Creatures

10. Jorogumo

Jorogumo, the ultimate Spider Lady, is a Yokai-classified creature of the Japanese spirit. Yokai can be friendly or malevolent in their temperament, but Jorogumo is most definitely in of the latter. Furthermore, Jorogumo is closely associated with sinister sexuality. In spite of this, this mythical creature is described as a spider woman that can transform into a human woman to tempt and devour the living. Furthermore, Jorogumo legends are full of tricks, subterfuge, and deception. These spirits often misdirect or misdirect their prey in an attempt to catch them off guard.

9. Cockatrice

Most of us are familiar with Medusa’s tales in Greek. Her gaze is said to have the power to turn her victims into stone. You might not be aware that Medusa isn’t alone in mythical creatures who can kill by looking. Basilisk stories tell of a reptile that can kill in a glance. Our entry is more terrifying. In English mythology, the Cockatrice appears as a bipedal dragon whose head resembles a rooster. Although its eyes and sometimes its breath are said to cause death it is also believed to be fatal. However, Cockatrice’s power seems to be immune to weasels.

8. Strigoi

The Strigoi are the source of the modern vampire mythos. These Romanian spirits, which are blood suckers and restless from the grave, seek out human victims. Some of the powers the Strigoi have are similar to those of vampires: they can turn invisible or become an animal, and, of course, they can also be blood-sucking. Many stories exist about the origin of the Strigoi. There are many accounts that a person could become one of these creatures after their death. Some Romanians were so afraid of Strigoi that they exhumed their loved ones’ bodies just to be sure.

7. Bulgasari

We aren’t sure which is more strange, the mythical Bulgasari or the true story of the abducted director and his wife, who was forced by the North Korean government to make a movie about the creature. Both Korean and Chinese cultures have the original Bulgasari myths. The name literally means “impossible for you to kill” and it appears as a four-legged, giant beast with a long tail and hunger for metal. 

According to legend, they begin their lives small due to the creation of a Buddhist monk out of rice grains. However, the monster quickly grows and destroys homes, causing chaos, until he is set ablaze by the local population.

6. Bubak

Let’s hear it: Who is afraid of The Boogeyman, you ask? The Bubak, a Czech version of the creature, is a malevolent thief of children. Although they are not believed to have any physical form, they are often depicted in frightening scarecrows with the frame and skeletons. To convey his horrific nature, you know. (Message received, guys!) 

Bubak is believed to take misbehaving children out of their homes and conceal them in his large coat. This story is often compared with the Sack Man, who appears in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Italy. The latter actually eats any children he captures. Yikes!

5. Rokurokubi

Rokurokubi, another Japanese Yokai monster, has a sinister and wild appearance. Well, sometimes. Sometimes, the Rokurokubi can appear normal. However, the Rokurokubi’s neck becomes too long and its head begins to separate from its body. This is when things start to get strange. Some stories associate Rokurokubi with night attacks. 

These stories are specific to the Nukekubi (new KEH-KoobEE) variety. Furthermore, their heads were believed to be released from their bodies to search for victims to drink blood. In addition, similar behavior can be seen in monsters from Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Moreover, the heads of these beasts are detached from their bodies, and they fly around with their entrails connected.

4. La Cegua

Beware lounge lizards, pub-crawlers! Your next one-night stand may be with La Cegua. This Nicaraguan legend warns against premarital sexual activity. La Cegua is a legend about a woman who was abandoned by her husband after having had sex with him before she married. 

Legend has it that he promised to marry her after the fact and she becomes insane from his lies. She seeks revenge on all who are affected by her actions. In addition, the unfortunate ones who encounter La Cegua are rarely able to recount their experiences. La Cegua is a skeletal horse, whose eyes are frightening, and from which her victims are driven mad.

3. Chupacabra

Another mythological creature, the Chupacabra, is closely associated with vampires’ attributes. However, this monster of Puerto Rican origin prefers to attack livestock and animals. The Spanish word Chupacabra means “goat sucker” and it is described as having the appearance of a small reptilian or a bear with sharp spines. 

Anecdotal reports of sightings vary from Russia, Chile, and Puerto Rico, to Maine in the U.S.A. Due to its relatively recent origins, the Chupacabra is a rare entry on this list. Stories about their blood-drinking habits and animal slaying date back to the mid-seventies and gained steam in the nineties.

2. Alp

After reading this entry, you may never again have the same boring, old nightmares. Sleep paralysis is manifested in both the Bakhtak and the Alp. They are malicious creatures that sit on the chests and prevent victims from breathing.

Although they are often associated with the Incubus and Succubus, the Bakhtak and the Alp are believed to cause nightmares and may also be linked to an Incubus and Succubus. If you’re not already scared enough, they’re believed to steal breast milk or blood from victims. Their mischief is similar to that of elves. The Alps can steal diapers from babies and reapply them to them when they aren’t looking. Gross!

1. Manananggal

You thought the Rokurokubi’s strange habit of removing its head was bizarre? Just wait until you see Manananggal. The creature is from The Philippines and splits its entire body in half before growing huge wings and setting out on a nightly hunt for blood. 

The Manananggal is known for its vampiric behavior towards pregnant women. They will use their long tongues and suck the heart of the fetus while the mother sleeps. The Manananggal has the same weaknesses as vampires, so holy water and garlic will work.

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