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There are only two ways to talk about the greatest movies of all time. You can choose your favorite films and get excited about them, or you can compose a list so detailed that you’re sure to find the best films from all corners of the cinema. hdhub4u.vip That’s what we tried to do: pick the best of the best in cinema. This includes the early days. Romances, epic disaster stories, thrillers… it’s all there. Banging your fist on the table and declaring Citizen Kane the best to the cry of “you can’t stand the truth” is fun (even when you’re scrubbing movies), but not as fun as having a complete list at your fingertips.

But what makes this list of 100 great films special is that it speaks to the here and now, to this team of Esquire editors. We created it to reflect our personalities. If you look at our articles, opinions, and approaches, you can see the influence of the films on this list. It’s not very serious, but pop culture taps into our senses in this way and shapes who we are as people. That’s the beauty of a good script, actor, and director. It’s easy to think that “a movie is just a movie,” but that’s not true, is it? If it were, we wouldn’t be interested in the films on this list.

So bookmark this link in your browser and join us on this adventure. Feel free to speak your mind in the comments. But beware: what you say may reveal more about you than about us (e.g., “You missed Joe Dutt!” (tell us you’re a connoisseur of good movies).

What about you, documentary filmmaker? Take it easy. We know you like true stories, so we’ve selected the best documentaries. For those of you who like to stay up to date, we’ve also put together a list of the best movies of 2022 (for those of you who only watch TV, we’ve put together a list of the best TV movies of the year, though we don’t know how you ended up on this page). So get on board. Let’s take a look at the 100 greatest movies of all time.

The Wolf of Wall Street

This may hold the record for profanity in the film, but it’s only a superficial flick. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill deliver a brilliantly grotesque and charming performance.


Sylvester Stallone set a precedent for how box-office movies should be made, putting his heart and soul into his most iconic role. His influence can also be felt off-screen, as his famous training scene at the Philadelphia Museum of Art has become a fixture in social media reenactments.

Karate Kid

Maybe it’s the impressive martial arts. The illegal lowering of the crane at the end of the video. Maybe it’s the triumph of the underdog over the bully. We’re not sure, but we know it works and we’ll never forget it.
Grandpa goes hunting

Matt Damon is already a Hollywood star, thanks largely to this excellent script and performance (yes, he also wrote the lead in this film).

8 miles

We knew Em was a fiery rapper, but he shocked everyone when he played this hot role alongside Anthony Mackie.

The Princess Bride

If you’re looking for a fairy tale with lead actors (Robin Wright, Carrie Elwes, Mandy Patinkin), fight scenes and iconic catchphrases, whatever.

Gump Forrest

With multiple Oscar nominations, memorable catchphrases (“Run, Forrest, run!”), and a great performance by Tom Hanks, this film will definitely make it onto your list.

Mary Poppins

Because we all deserve a spoonful of sugar to get us through some days.

Movies of all time

The popcorn is ready, the sweatpants are ready, and the night is yours. Your next task: decide which of the best available movies you will watch tonight. Hdhub4u south Hindi Whatever you’re looking for – a romance, a thriller, a sad movie, a great musical – there are plenty of movies you should see for the first (but probably not the last) time in your chosen genre.

We Marie Claire filmmakers know how long it takes to choose a good movie, so we’ve done that work for you. We scoured theatrical charts, reviews, and award nominations and talked to other pop culture fans to give you a list of the best titles. Of course, you can expect familiar classics like Casablanca and The Sound of Music, as well as films by cult directors like Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, and Alfred Hitchcock. But this list also includes contemporary films like Everything and Everywhere at Once and Get Out.

These must-see films, also called the best films of all time, are modern classics, the best of the best, must-see films that millions of people probably envy when they see them for the first time. To make things easier for you, we’ve organized this long list by genre so you can jump straight to your favorites. You’ll also learn what facts you need to know and why each film is considered “the best.” Below, in no particular order.


In Casablanca at the beginning of World War II, Rick Blaine’s (Humphrey Bogart) nightclub is a haven for refugees. Despite warnings from local authorities. But things come to a head when an ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend show up and challenge Rick to a duel. Casablanca, one of the most iconic classic Hollywood romances of all time, is an unforgettable love story.


Ryan Gosling. Rachel McAdams. An on-screen kiss you won’t forget. Based on Nicholas Sparks’ 1996 novel. The Notebook is a must-read for all hopeless romantics who believe they will eventually find their way to true love. “It wasn’t over yet. It wasn’t over!”


Need I say more? If you haven’t seen Titanic yet (please don’t say that out loud), do yourself a favor and watch it now on Netflix.


If you’ve been around in 2018. You’ve probably heard about the chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga – both on screen and off. Thanks to their roles in the film adaptation of the hit movie A Star Is Born. Hdhub4u 300MB The film revolves around rock star Jackson Maine (Cooper) and failed artist Ally (Gaga), who fall in love when Maine puts Ally in the spotlight and she confronts her own demons. Make sure you have a pack of tissues handy.

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