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Spirit Airlines Support-How Do I Add a Seat to My Reservation?

If you are traveling with someone and would like to add another seat to your reservation. It’s quite easy to do! Just visit the Spirit Airlines website. And click on Book an upcoming flight and enter your passenger information and flight itinerary number. Next, click on Manage your reservation and search for the flight in question. Then, follow these steps to add a seat to your reservation.

Check what type of ticket you have

Is it an e-ticket or physical ticket? Your itinerary will be attached to your e-ticket. But you can also receive a paper copy of your itinerary if you bought your ticket on Spirit. If you have an e-ticket, log into your account and click View Spirit Airline Tickets in order to view your itinerary. From there, simply scroll down until you see Spirit Manage My Booking and then follow these steps:
1) Select Change Reservation
2) Scroll down until you see Seats Available
3) Choose how many seats (if any) you want to add and click submit.
4) You’ll get a pop up asking for your credit card information.
5) Follow instructions to complete payment 6) After payment is complete, you’ll get an email confirmation that includes a link to download your new boarding pass!

If you don’t already have an account with Spirit Airlines, go ahead and create one! It’s free and easy! You’ll need it when Spirit Airlines booking flights anyway so why not start now? Once logged in, select Manage My Booking under My Account. Then choose Change Reservation from the dropdown menu. This will bring up a list of all upcoming reservations where you are listed as either passenger or traveler. On some occasions two different names might appear for both passenger and traveler depending on who booked the flight first And know more about your Flight reservations direct Spirit Contact Number Live Person.

Add a seat using the website for Spirit Airlines

The Spirit Airlines website offers Pay On Board fares, which is Spirit’s version of a carry-on only policy. This service allows you to Spirit check in online and print your boarding pass before reaching airport security. At that point, you will be required to purchase any carry-on items (including additional seats) at check in Spirit; there is no option for purchasing an extra seat through Spirit Airlines official site as all flights are considered no frills. This also means that even if you have enough miles or points for an extra seat, it is not possible through their website. You must contact Spirit Airlines Customer Service Toll Free Phone Number for assistance with adding or removing seats from your Spirit Airlines flight reservations. They can be reached via phone, email or live chat.

Adding a seat with mobile apps

To add an additional seat on Spirit Air, you’ll need to go through their mobile app. You can download it for free here and if you sign up for their app, they’ll reward you with 500 in-flight miles per month after your first month of use. Once downloaded, all you have to do is login and enter your booking number or take a photo of your ticket if you’re traveling as a walk-on passenger. Then click Add Seat on your main menu and choose whether or not you want to pay an extra $30 fee for each Spirit Airlines ticket booked.

Adding a child without an extra fee

If you wish to purchase a ticket for an infant who does not require his or her own seat, then your infant may travel as either one of your lap children (if there is no charge for them), or as an extra on your passenger itinerary at a discounted child rate. There are no charges for infants traveling in any of these capacities. If you wish to have an infant with his or her own reserved seat, you must purchase a full-fare ticket at 100% of their published fare. There are no additional discounts available for children traveling in their own seats. If you need further assistance adding a child without an extra fee, please contact Spirit Airlines flight booking phone number directly via our Contact Us Spirit page.

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