QuickBooks Running Slow – Here’s How to Speed it Up

Is your QuickBooks running slow? If you experience such a technical fault, then it could have happened due to multiple reasons. Hence, you must resolve the issue as soon as possible. It is because being unable to function the QuickBooks Desktop can lead to a number of problems. In fact, it can hamper your daily QuickBooks activities resulting in slow productivity. To repair the glitch, let us look into this blog in more detail and gather all the necessary info about it.

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What are the Top Factors That Affect the Speed of your QuickBooks Program?

Do you suddenly see that your QuickBooks start running slow but do not know why? Then read out the reasons that we have described below

  1. If there has been severe damage or even corruption to the QBWUSER.ini file, there is a higher chance of incurring the issue.
  2. Check if you have updated your QuickBooks or not, as not updating it can cause your QuickBooks to run slow.

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Which are the Ways Through Which I Can Boost the Speed of my QuickBooks Desktop?

If you have been looking for different ways to speed up your QB application, then do not forget to have a look at the troubleshooting processes we have explained further in this part of the blog-

SOLUTION 1: Rectify the Issue By Changing the QBWUSER.ini File Name

  1. To start with, first move on to the folder where the QBWUSER.ini file has been saved.
  2. After that, once you open the folder and find the file, right-click on it.
  3. In the next step, tap on the ‘Rename’ option and then edit its name by adding ‘.old’ at the extreme end of the file name.
  4. Further, press the ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard to save the new name.
  5. Now, in the same way, change the name of the EntitlementDataStore.ecml’ file.
  6. Close the folder, and finally, launch your QuickBooks program.

SOLUTION 2: Make Use of the Latest Updated Version of Your QuickBooks Desktop

  1. In the first step, quit your QuickBooks if it is already running.
  2. Now, on your system’s desktop, search for the QuickBooks software.
  3. Once located, right-click on it and choose the ‘Run as Administrator’ option.
  4. After that, access the No Company Open screen and hit the ‘Help’ menu.
  5. Under the menu, tap on the ‘Update QuickBooks Desktop’ option.
  6. Next, go to the ‘Options’ tab and click ‘Mark All’, ‘Save’.
  7. Further, jump to the ‘Update Now’ tab and enable the ‘Reset Update’ checkbox.
  8. Download the updates by hitting ‘Get Updates’.
  9. At last, close the existing window and then start QB again for installing the updates.
  10. Restart your computer and then operate the QuickBooks Desktop.

We suppose after reading this article; you must have been able to fix the ‘QuickBooks running slow’ issue. We have tried our best to deliver you the most relevant info about the issue. Hence, if you require any further assistance, get in touch with one of the experts via +1 800-579-9430.

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