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OST to PST Converter to export OST file to Outlook PST

Outlook stores its data in OST file format, which saves in the local directory since the profile formation. Additionally, OST is also used by Exchange Server, IMAP, and Office 365 when these are configured with Outlook. So, whenever users desire to take a backup from Outlook or its configured accounts directly, they get OST. Contrarily, the OST file format becomes inaccessible when the Outlook profile or system changes. To get over this situation, users require to convert OST to PST. And additionally, the PST is the top-prioritised file format among the users. There are two approaches for this task: the manual method and the professional OST to PST Converter utility.

Inabilities of OST that PST fulfills:

  • OST corrupts when a system or Outlook profile changes, and PST sustain in both situations.
  • OST file format is not recommended for backup, whereas PST is highly preferred for the same.
  • Users can not merge the old Outlook data with the new Outlook profile using OST, and with PST, it is achievable.
  • PST is a more secure, compatible and portable file format than the OST.

Which way should one adopt to convert OST to PST?

As mentioned before, there are two ways to approach OST to PST conversion, the manual and professional OST converter tool. The manual method is a little complex and works only for those OSTs residing online. For the orphan OSTs stored in the local directory, users must rely on professional tools. In this listicle, there are many tools available in the market, of which some are frauds, and some are genuine. A trustworthy and genuine tool that securely and unalterably convert OST to PST is Weeom OST to PST Converter tool. This tool comes with the simplest GUI and numerous features to deliver conversion completely in the users’ favour.

Few of the Features of Weeom OST to PST Converter:

  • Zero restrictions: Users can add numerous OSTs in a single batch without being bothered about their sizes. The corrupt and inaccessible OSTs can be added to this tool for conversion.
  • Preview: It quickly scans the added OST to make users access them in just a click with the original hierarchy and integrity.
  • Advance scan: When users tap on an advance scan, the tool recovers the deleted items of the OSTs. Users can access them from the right panel, where the whole mailbox is shown.
  • PST features: This tool facilitates users to put a password on the resultant PST and split them into the desired size.
  • Incremental export: It saves users from repeating the task in case the interruption occurs. This feature helps in resuming the process from the last step and also prevents duplicity from occurring.
  • Filters: Filters are available in this tool to let users include/exclude items accordingly. The filters of this tool are based on Message class and date.
  • Folder mapping & email translation: Users can perform folder mapping to get the desired level of accuracy in conversion. Email translation helps them to remove canonical email addresses.

Wrapping Up:

The manual method only deals with the accessible or server’s OSTs; for converting orphan OSTs, users need to rely on professional tools. Down to this row, Weeom OST to PST Converter tool is one of the best option. And on top of that, users can access this tool in a FREE demo before deciding on the final one.






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