Office Fit Out: Open Plan vs Partitioned Spaces 

Are you looking for interior fit-out contractors in London? The arrangement of your office space has the potential to have a significant effect on the productivity of your workforce. It is crucial to evaluate how the design of your office fit-out and interior fit out London will cater to the demands of both your organisation and the people who will be working inside it before you begin the process. This should be done before you start the fit-out.

We have compiled a list of the primary benefits and drawbacks of open-plan office design. A partitioned office design to assist you in deciding which layout is going to work best for your business.

Advantages of Working in an Open-Plan Office

Easygoing and breezy

People who want to make the most of the natural illumination in their space should strongly consider open-plan workplaces as an option. As a result of the absence of barriers or walls, offices have a tendency to seem more light. It an airy in comparison to those that have partitions. This is one reason why this design can be so effective for working in tiny spaces.

But this is not only vital for the aesthetics of the workplace; having a bright office can have a good influence on the performance and welfare of your employees. Get in touch with the leading interior fit out in London experts to know more. 

Multi-Use Spaces

One of the primary advantages of selecting an open office layout is the increased degree of adaptability it offers. It is much simpler to make rooms conform to the requirements of a variety of circumstances. If there are no physical obstacles to limit you. You have successfully created a multipurpose room that can be adapted to a variety of requirements. When it is not being used, a room may serve as a break-out area for employees at lunch. As a meeting place in the afternoon. Be it a large or small office fit out in London, we are here to assist you. 


Because of its layout, an office that is more open to the public is well suited to foster an increase in the number of social encounters. It is unavoidable that employees will have more frequent interactions with one another, and as a result, they will be more likely to form friendships with one another and participate in discussions that span departments. This is wonderful for the morale of the staff and the feeling of community that exists inside the organisation. It also helps bring individuals together who would not have interacted with one another otherwise.


This particular kind of office design is now enjoying a great deal of success and is very likely to be favoured by the next generation of employees. Even if some individuals like the more conventional style, it is abundantly evident that the more contemporary approach to the workplace is here to stay. 

The key to standing out and recruiting prospective employees is constructing an office that is appealing to the younger generation of workers if you want to attract workers from the generation after them. According to recent research, Millennials and Generation Z members definitely have a taste for contemporary office design, and this choice does, in the end, contribute to their desire to work for a certain organisation.


The open layout is often the most cost-effective choice since there are no walls or barriers that need to be purchase or maintain. It is possible to modify the areas without any boundaries or restrictions, which may need significant amounts of physical labour or a substantial re-design of the area. This is made possible by the entire flexibility of the system.

If you value the option that is most cost-effective for your London office refurbishment, this might be the ideal decision for you, provided that you do not intend to tear down any existing walls to create more open space.

A Partitioned Office has the Following Advantages:


One of the most significant benefits of having walls in an office is the immediate increase in privacy that it provides. Sounds travel less with more barriers between workstations, and a close-off room allows the option to offer a meeting place that is close off from the rest of the office, which is the desire office feature for most businesses. Sound travels less when there are more obstacles between workstations. We can also help you with office partitioning systems for added privacy. 

Reduce the number of distractions.

As a continuation of the advantage discussed above, establishing physical separations between tasks might assist limit the number of distractions. Because different individuals are more productive in a variety of settings, providing them with the option to customise their own private workstation far away from the distractions of a breakroom or a ringing phone may contribute to an improvement in both productivity and overall performance. For carpentry services in London, get in touch with us today. 

Fun possibilities for partitioning

No rule says partitions have to be boring. At Divo Interiors, we take great pleasure in the chance to design and construct elements for your workplace that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. You could use plants to create a barrier, smart storage walls, or even dividing walls that can be move into various locations. You have many other possibilities besides these. Contact us today for glass partitioning

Social distancing

It is reasonable that some individuals, in light of the COVID-19 epidemic, could favour partitioning to improve the degree to which they have control over the number of persons with whom they come into touch daily. If individuals do have worries, it is wonderful for them to have the option of having a secure location that they can retreat to if required.


Choosing the appropriate layout for your workplace may be a challenge. But at Divo Interiors, we have the experience to make your office design the best it can be. When it comes to workplace design, we’ve got the know-how you’re looking for.


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