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I have started working from an office quite recently, it’s my first job. Before this, I had no job experience and was termed “Fresher” by every jobs I applied to. During any HR interview, the most probable question you are going to come across is “Do you have any experience” in this field?

If you are like me, you had to say NO! This negative answer would have meant you not getting selected for that job. But this doesn’t just close the door for any future job you apply to but also denies you the chance to earn money honestly.

During the pandemic months, businesses closed down, people were laid off from their jobs. All of us soon realised that in times of these uncertainties, having a second source of income is vital. We have become accustomed to a certain standard of living.

To maintain a comfortable living standard or even increase your income to reach that bourgeois class, one has to earn those bucks! But the most difficult trial towards earning money is getting selected by a reputed company, landing a good package and then saving enough to secure the future.

But what if you can earn money without all these requirements I just mentioned. Yes, you can do a job without experience and this is not a SCAM!

Internet – The bridge to Money

With the discovery of the Internet, our world became smaller but the thing which expanded the most was the opportunities to earn money. Currently, we can get to know about many Fresher jobs available near us, thanks to the internet.

According to a 2009 study published in Computerworld, the Internet was able to generate 1.2 million jobs in that decade. Consumers started shopping online and the IT-related sector witnessed a boom post-2000. All of this made the Internet grow and add more jobs since businesses took the digital route.

Let’s skip to the present, by the recent data as published in a report by The Economic Times in May 2022, the IT services sector in India witnessed the creation of more than 5,00,000 new jobs in FY22, this was surprising even to the industry experts as this was just double of earlier projected net growth for that fiscal.

What’s more encouraging is the number of digital jobs expected to grow by 2025. 60 million jobs are going to get created according to a recent report from McKinsey Global Institute (MGI). These numbers compel us to believe that internet-based jobs and that too specifically in IT-sector are bound to grow and hence vacancies for these jobs will also increase.

But where will the concentration of these jobs be?

There is no reason to sugar-coat stuff or perpetuate this delusion that jobs will get created in rural areas. The advanced infrastructure, seamless connectivity and high-speed internet services are available only in metro cities.

The above facilities are the reason why there is Job vacancy in Delhi for IT-sector-based jobs due to the presence of big MNCs and Indian start-ups.

So, what are some potential jobs where you can earn money without having zero or little experience?

Online surveys

Taking surveys doesn’t require any experience or skills. Hence, it’s the most preferred form of an online part-time job. It’s extremely flexible and works well with an individual’s unique routine. Participation in surveys can even be done when one doesn’t have a lot of time. Surveys can be completed in short periods.

Bottom Line: Surveys are perfect for those who want to earn a small amount of extra money each month.


Data-Entry jobs are available in both online and offline modes. The only skill to have for this job is the ability to type quickly without making any significant errors. Data entry professionals are those who ensure efficient processing of large amounts of data. Data entry positions involve entering data into a computer and may include other types of clerical activities also.

Bottom Line: Most online data entry jobs can be done easily from a home computer.

There are many MSMEs, MNCs and other companies which require data-entry professionals for offline work also. There are many Job Vacancy in Mumbai for the same.


Blogging which landed me my first job is another online job which doesn’t require experience. blogging requires you to possess good writing skills, creative thinking and the ability to engage the masses. Blogging can be done part-time, or full-time with no prior experience needed in writing or story-telling. bloggers can also earn money by getting paid sponsorships.

Bottom Line: if you have a passion for writing and want to earn money by combining your passion with work. Blogging is the best job!

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Phone Sales Representative

A phone sales rep is someone who earns money by convincing you to spend yours. The only skill a phone sales rep has is excellence in communication. You just need a phone and your skill. Many companies will be eager to employ someone who is entry-level in this role and then train them on the job. This job doesn’t entail you to have higher education or expensive certificates either.

Due to the abundance of businesses where phone calls form a vital part of business operations. There are many Jobs in Delhi for sales representatives. These jobs are usually for both WFH and work from an office.

Bottom Line: Phone sales rep can work from home (WFH) or a designated company office.

 Online Tutor

Teaching online can work without experience or with little experience and earn handsomely by charging hundreds of rupees. Online tutoring requires you to have a good internet connection and a mobile or laptop. The skill required for this job is to have in-depth knowledge of your subject. A tutor should have patience, good listening and communication skills.

In India, individuals having sufficient qualifications but unable to work in schools as teachers due to any personal issues can become online tutors by registering themselves with such platforms or spreading messages in their network regarding their availability for the same.

Bottom Line: If you have a passion for teaching, monetize that passion and earn from the comfort of your home.

Game Tester with no experience

The gaming industry is on the rise. With millions of dollars getting invested in gaming- virtual, live streaming, gaming tournaments. The role of a game tester is pretty clear and requires no experience. Before a new game is released, the gaming company will test that new game for any glitches, bugs, or other issues.

All of this is done by a game tester. He/she will pay attention and report on any glitches, also giving valuable feedback to improve the game. With KPMG reporting that India is expected to become one of the world’s leading markets in the gaming industry. The number of game testers will also increase. Job vacancy in Mumbai for game testers will be on the rise since gaming as a business is flourishing over there.

Bottom Line: You can’t just sit there and play the game but also provide your analysis for the same and get paid!

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