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How To Get The QuickBooks Desktop Download: A Detailed Guide?

Are you trying to find the best approach for QuickBooks Desktop Download? Today, the name QuickBooks has gained a lot of popularity. It is the first thing that springs to mind when you think of managing finances, maintaining records, and keeping books. Businesses rely heavily on accounting and bookkeeping software since it provides so much assistance and flexibility. Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online are the two variations of this software. In this post, we will discuss the more basic version of the program known as QuickBooks desktop.   

What are QuickBooks desktop’s functions and features? 

QuickBooks Desktop has amassed a following of devoted customers and isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon. Thanks to the addition of multiple plans created especially for different markets and a decent variety of sector-specific applications for retailers, nonprofits, and the construction industry. Regardless of whether you are running a PC or Mac, QuickBooks Desktop delivers on its many promises. 

Let’s discuss the features of QuickBooks Desktop now. Every year, new features are added. Those features that have been in use for some time are frequently improved and upgraded to function better with current software.

  • Automatic Reminders for Payment

You can do it yourself and save time by using QuickBooks Desktop’s automated payment reminders feature. This tremendously helpful function, however, goes a step further by not only detecting consumers with past-due account balances but also notifying late-paying customers through email that their payment is past due.

  • Personalized Payment Receipts

Customizing other forms, including invoices, statements, QuickBooks Desktop Download and purchase orders, has always been possible with QuickBooks Desktop. To improve payment processing, however, QuickBooks 2021 also lets you finally customize payment receipts.

  • Management of Receipts

All you will need is a mobile phone with the new Receipt Management function. You can use this mobile phone to take a picture of a receipt. Then upload it immediately into the application, where it can be associated with the relevant expense.

Ahead-of-Time Bank Feeds

One of the first programs to offer automatic bank feeds was. It cut down the time needed to record business transactions manually and simplified the bank reconciliation process.

  • Pricing on barcode labels

This functionality is a part of the 2021 release and is only accessible through QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. It enables you to add the cost of a product to any barcode generated for inventory tracking. You can add the prices for all inventory items from the same product entry screen. The Include Item Sales Price option is where you provide the description.

  • Form customer groups

You’ll value this functionality if you frequently divide your clientele into different categories. You can organize your clients according to geography, a form of payment, and even payment history when you can create customer groups. You can use the same Customer can to create new groups.

  • Smart Support

The Smart Help function can help you avoid some of this uncertainty by pointing you in the appropriate direction straight. The upgraded Smart Help feature in QuickBooks Desktop will link you to community-created information and Intuit support content. So you won’t need to waste time trying to find the right help source.

Step-by-step directions for downloading QuickBooks Desktop

 You must understand how to set up QuickBooks Desktop if you are switching to Intuit’s accounting software or possibly moving from another accounting program. You must download QuickBooks after buying your license for the software. If you have a disc, you can put it on the computer and proceed with the wizard setup if you have one. QuickBooks is also available for download without an installation CD. Don’t allow setting up QuickBooks Desktop to turn into a daunting task; let us guide you through the procedure. 

1: Start the computer

  • Locate the power switch for the computer and turn it on.
  • Your screen may appear slightly different depending on whatever version of Windows you’re running.

2: the QuickBooks download link

  • Most likely, you got QuickBooks Desktop Download from the Intuit website.
  • If this is the case, Windows will prompt you to launch the InstallShield Wizard once you download the software to start the QuickBooks installation process.
  • Finally, Windows shows a small message box with Welcome to QuickBooks Desktop.
  • To begin the process in earnest, click Next on the message box. 
  • You might have to select Next once more.

3: Click Next after confirming that you accept the QuickBooks license agreement

  • When the QuickBooks installation program launches, it asks if you concur to follow its regulations.
  • As tediously described in the licensing agreement shown on screen.
  • If you do, you must consent to install the software.
  • Click Next after checking the “I Accept the Terms of the License Agreement” box.

4: Next after entering the License and Product Numbers

  • Enter these two licensing details when the License and Product Numbers window displays.
  • If you download the software it should display on the purchase receipt window.
  • Or will get printed on a yellow label on the back of the CD sleeve.
  • Then select Next.

5: Explain any network sharing you intend to do

  • Indicate whether you want to share the QuickBooks Desktop Download data file over a network when the Custom and Network Options window opens.
  • Small firms generally don’t. If this applies to your company, just say when questioned that you’ll only use QuickBooks on the computer on which the program is being installed


6: Click Next after choosing the installation location 

  • To utilize the Intuit default installation location, click the Next button when the Upgrade or Change Installation Location dialogue displays.
  • The recommended installation site is optional.
  • Instead, decide to store the QuickBooks software and data files somewhere else.
  • Since most users won’t want to (and shouldn’t) make this customization, I won’t discuss it here.

7:  Install to start the installation.

  • When you click Install, the installation program finally notifies you that it is ready to start. Press Install.
  • QuickBooks Desktop installation process will get started by the software.
  • A tiny bar tracks your progress while the installation procedure proceeds.
  • Click Cancel if you ever need to stop the installation. 
  • QuickBooks alerts you to the setup’s shortcomings.
  • That’s all right; just recreate the arrangement the next time.

 8: Open QuickBooks when the Install software has finished

  • Congratulations. You have completed the installation.
  • There is a new item in the Programs menu, and your desktop probably has new shortcuts as well.

9: Make QuickBooks active

  • When you first launch QuickBooks, the application asks you to activate it.
  • Activation essentially entails identifying yourself with QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks will merely ask you to confirm that its identification of you is accurate.
  • If it can infer your identity using outdated product-registration data it discovers on your computer.
  • In any other case, you’ll need to pass further identification requirements.

Wrapping Up

You get a better understanding of the QuickBooks download procedure after reading the above instructions. QuickBooks Desktop will probably continue to be the go-to option for small business owners and mid-sized companies because of its feature set, which is unmatched by its rivals. You can also learn how to use the QuickBooks desktop’s built-in capabilities. Get in touch with their customer service team if you need additional information about QuickBooks desktop.


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