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How to Get Pregnant without Intercourse- Complete details

In the current world, many women are concerned about how they will become parents without sexual intercourse or a partner. At the exact moment, there are many people out there who are interested to know how to get pregnant without intercourse? Some females face challenges during sexual intercourse like – pain or inability of enough frequent intercourse to become successfully pregnant. And sometimes some issues may convert into infertility; From all of the options, IVF is considered the best-chosen option for most couples, and IVF also has the highest success rate than other methods. IVF treatment rate depends upon various factors like city, clinic, or hospital which you have chosen for your treatment. for example – IVF treatment cost in Jaipur is relatively affordable for a couple in comparison to other metropolitan cities in India.

Issues that may happen are: – vaginismus & vulvodynia where intercourse would be very painful and uncomfortable. If anyone is having pain during intercourse, the recommended advice is to visit your doctor to find the cause and required treatment. Further, lets jump below to know all the available options for getting pregnant without intercourse. 

Options for getting pregnant without sexual intercourse –


In-vitro-fertilisation – {IVF} is a way to treat infertility. There is a process that starts with combining eggs & sperm inside vitro. During the whole process, doctors monitor and stimulate women’s ovulation process & extract eggs from the female reproductive system to fertilize sperm in a dedicated laboratory. After completion of fertilization, around 2-6 days, it got implanted in women or donor women’s reproductive system to get successful pregnancy results.

At-Home Insemination

At-home conception may result in pregnancy, but there are more effective procedures than this. It’s a complex process done at home where one person has to find the correct path to find the right spot around the cervix curve. It would be more manageable and effective for a female health assistant to help you out and reduce your hassle during the searching procedure.

There is a better way for higher possibilities when done in the office by medical professionals. Doctors will perform an ultrasound to know the current state of eggs that are ready to get fertilize. There are a plethora of methods for tracking ovulation. You can buy a kit in which you can follow it with your phone application. But, Doctors don’t consider it 100% accurate.

That’s all – there are a few more aspects which may help. Test strips or ovulation tracker may ensure you and your partner that you both are inseminating during the most fertile time. A “Soft cup” seems like a menstrual cup.

Precautions to take while treatment is going on – 

While having all these procedures, you would have to take care of many different factors like: –

There is a slight chance of infecting the vagina with bacteria via needle or syringe during the process. Sometimes it could lead to infection in the uterus lining. Such as endometritis, where symptoms like vaginal swelling, discharge, bleeding, pelvis pain, or fever are considered infections. All, in particular, is treatable with medicines.

The commonly appearing health risks cause because of the sperm. So, we advice you to get donor sperm only from the official sperm bank. Sperm banks are more likely to have proper medical testing to know the specifications and quality of the donor sperm. In case if you take your friend’s sperm, you must get the “preliminary test” done before using sample sperm in this test STI, HIV & a genetic test to know the possibilities of the future mutation between you and your donor which is going to pass in your future child.


Lastly, we have discussed about methods to get pregnant without having intercourse. Hope it will help you in finding the best possible option for yourself. Please consider talking with a fertility expert for knowing the exact process and the success chances of the treatment. 

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