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Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Health

Humans begin their life sleeping for a period at a stretch of nine months. Since then sleeping has become an essential element of our life. Sleeping is very much important not just for humans but for every living entity; but for humans, sleep acts as a natural medicine. It helps in recovering from the stress that develops over time throughout the day’s activities. Having proper sleep is crucial for everyone.

The tendency of having less sleep or having the problem in which you do not get enough sleep at night; that is called Insomnia or sleeplessness. Sleep is a multi-healing factor that heals all sorts of issues and disorders that tend to affect our health fatally. Below are some of the common consequences that we might face or even face due to lack of sleep or having less sleep.

Onset of Insomnia

Sleeplessness can cause the problem of Insomnia; this is a disorder that deals with having less sleep or feeling difficulty towards falling asleep. This happens mostly to people who are very much tensed and stressed mentally. Insomnia can be mentally as well as physically affecting the person in multiple negative manners. The treatment of insomnia is now possible with the help of Zopiclone 7.5 mg Online. This medicine is quite popular in UK and USA but required a valid prescription.

Blood pressure issues

Sleeplessness can also cause the problem of blood pressure; this can cause the problem of having either high blood pressure or low blood pressure. Blood pressure is caused because of the tension and stress that the person feels due to having various sorts of bad thoughts accompanied by no sleep.

Increased risk of heart attack

Blood pressure issues related to sleeplessness can also become a cause behind having heart attack chances. Having irregular blood pressure can exert undue pressure on the heart and the cardiac muscles this, in turn, can cause a heart attack by putting extreme stress on the heart’s functioning.


A person with sleeplessness is prone to have diabetes because he tends to take all sorts of medicines that would help him fall asleep. These drugs might contain certain compounds that can cause the accumulation of various sugar compounds in the blood and can lead to a disorder where the person might have to take insulin doses.


Sleep is very important for humans for digestion and for the proper functioning of our digestive system. A human must have at least 4-5 hours of sleep at night or even a day for the proper digestion of the food that a person eats.

Improper sleep 

Improper sleep is one of the common side effects that a person with sleep disorders faces. Lack of sleep can cause chronic or even acute symptoms where the person can have issues where he complains about having a disrupted sleep or a disordered sleeping pattern.


Blood pressure leads to having a heart attack which leads to having chances of deadly strokes. It can be cardiovascular in nature or even neurological. These strokes can be fatal and even prove to be life-taking.

Traumatic attacks

Trauma caused by sleeplessness can also cause traumatic attacks that can be severe to mild in the degree of hampering the host person. Treatment of Sleeplessness becomes very important when a person gets such attacks.

Low sex drive

A person facing issues of being sleepless can have the disorder of lower sex drive. Sex hormones both in males and females are regulated and controlled by the amount of sleep that we get.

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