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Cute Girl Drawing Ideas

Cute Girl Drawing Ideas

Whether image selection is essential, it corresponds to your subscription level. First, it is best to choose simple sketch designs for more complex options.


A cute girl drawing is the goal of many people involved in the drawing. With the right approach, this destination is available. These drawings of the sweet girl are very different: one or more sweet girls, a girl with freckles, in headphones, with long or short hair – imagination knows no limits here.


Simple Drawings – Step by Step Tutorial

For beginner artists, we recommend choosing the reading images for girlfriends. The best options are Pencil designs that do not require a clear plan. For example, try not to take these pictures to work on your face. Do everything gradually and choose pencil drawings, girls who could draw them.


Drawing women can be difficult to be realistic or cartoon style. Technically, this does not seem to be because women have much less visible muscles than men. They have fascinating curves and sensitive facial expressions – most of the time! Why is it so difficult for us to go to paper? I will answer, and other questions, how to draw a female figure in the cartoon style.


The female side!

The most common mistake is hit by students who want to represent a female character thinking like a man in high heels and with long hair. That often happens because there are many male solid characters around us.


Regardless of the style of the drawing, the muscles of the artists are of great interest. Everyone wants to learn how to draw muscle arms and these massive veins! And then take the next bookstore and buy a fantastic book for anatomy, in which 300 pages are dedicated to the male body and only 20 to the woman. You can never draw a female figure correctly if you think in the wrong direction!


Draw a female face

Cute Girl Drawing Ideas

Let’s start with drawing a pin-up female face with the overall contour.

Step 1

We start with the classic round base for the character skull. Search – The starting point for any character cartoon

Step 2

Determine the shape of our heroine inner. It should be tight and stated.

Step 3

We drew a classic oval base that you could find in my first lesson to draw our eyes. If you have doubts about the distance between the eyes, pull your eyes in the middle, it helps you measure the gap. It is not a rule at all. It’s just a hint. Over time, you can pull your eyes automatically, but if you are just a beginner, this advice will help you confuse.

Step 4

Pull an iris and student to pick up on the heroin’s face. Female eyes are characterized by great expressive power, so we have to try a little and give our solidarity of heroin: Pay attention to the glowing point in each eye. We do this to offer a review of light on the iris. This technique is often used in animation. Our character becomes more enjoyable! Let’s go towards eyebrows and eyelashes.

Step 5

Draw a nose and a mouth. I will allow a little freedom and select an exciting style.

Step 6

Let’s play a stylist? It’s time to pick a hairstyle for the character! Try multiple sketches until you get a pretty dynamic form.


Fact – a female figure with a good proportion of sexual attractiveness! Now we will consider how you can change the properties of your face.


Further information about the facial lines

The eyes and the mouth are the essential things of the female face. It does not mean that all time has to be pulled differently, but drawing carefully! Pin-up’s eyes have two basic emotions. The difference is in the position of eyebrows and eyelids.


Pin-up eyes: To make your eyes sensual, pull them like a sheet of a tree. A slight change in the oral line and the eyes completely changes the expression on the face of the character. Note that I added a light smile in the second picture to give her a seductive appearance. If I did not do that, it would have displayed sleepy!


The mouth can also be in shape, style, size differently. It relies on the heart of your character. Note how many ways to portray female lips. You can load you or realistic, if not just for men! You can get a completely different effect from the currently finished model, which changes your eyes in a more realistic direction.


Here is an example:

We can do the opposite and change the character’s character to achieve an infantile effect. In manga style, the eyes are responsible for expressing emotions. Their role in Japanese animation is vast.


Profile view

The slight differences between the female and male faces are visible when seen on the side. It means that the characteristics used to emphasize the character’s character are women.


Here is an example:

The characteristics of the female face are opposed to the man. Also, note the line that runs over the super lip of the woman and under the eyes: this is an effective way to maintain the right parts of the face.


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