Covid-19 Safe Deliveries With On Demand Delivery App Clone

On-Demand Delivery Apps have made their importance very clear. Without these Apps, customers would be just a milling crowd of people. Why? Because then, they would have to go to shops and stores in in-person to purchase the goods. These Apps have certainly become an indispensable part of our daily chores. Imagine this, you are no longer able to click the button on your phone and get your favorite Italian Sausage & Broccolini Pizza delivered right to your doorstep. I know you can feel the pain. And that is exactly why we need On-Demand Delivery App Clone!


Listed here are some of the considerable reasons telling why On-Demand Delivery Apps are so popular and a need rather than a luxury! 

1. Everything is just one click away 

No matter what customers want, they can get it with just a single click! So, once they have selected the services, the customers only need to click either on the Book Now button to get it delivered right to their doorstep, with zero contact if they want to!

2. It’s fast 

Other than being a convenient way to get your deliveries straight to homes or anywhere else, using BungkusIT App Clone is fast! Compare the time when you used to go out to shop for groceries. It took you at least a 10-minute drive, to find the parking space, and roaming around the market to find everything you need. Lastly, you had to wait in queues to make the payment and rush back home. But now, you can easily save up to two hours’ worth of labor by simply shopping online and ordering your groceries! 

3. The platform offers everything COVID-SAFE 

Covid-19 has made us all a little more conscious about what we touch, wearing a mask to avoid any kind of air-borne virus, and even sanitizing our hands. Now, going out shopping still gives us the goosebumps of contracting this virus. 

However, with On-Demand Delivery App Clone, things that reach to your home are sanitized, safety-packed, and even delivered with vaccinated plus sanitized hands! Moreover, you have the platform to share your feedback if anything you ordered is not up to the standards! 


Keeping the safety of customers in mind, the App comes with three in-built features that promote only Covid-19 Safe Deliveries.

Contactless Doorstep Delivery 

During checking out to place the order, users can tick the option for Contactless Delivery. It is here that the assigned delivery driver will place the package at the doorstep of the customer and notify them by placing an In-App Call or sending a message on the In-App Chat! 

Before marking the order as ‘DELIVERED’, the delivery driver has to first click and upload the picture of the package as proof. 

Take Away

Users can also mark their order as Take Away on the BungkusIT App Clone itself. This feature allows them to place their order in advance and when it is ready for dispatch, the user can collect it from the Store. For convenience, the customers can also schedule the takeaway according to their preference. 


What are your thoughts on safe, quick, same-day deliveries with BungkusIT App Clone? Do you want to build a similar app for your business too?

Let me tell you if you’re thinking about developing and launching the delivery app, then it is going to earn you a Million Buck real soon. So, without wasting any further minutes, connect with the Sales Representatives of a White-Labeling Firm!

Felica Carroll

Felica Carroll is Digital marketing leader of, An On demand app development company. She has an extensive experience in building successful strategy for app-based industry. She loves to write everything about clone Scripts and mobile application development.

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