38 Best YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

Best Anonymous YouTube Channel Ideas – You may imagine gorgeous, bubbly celebrities when you consider them the most popular YouTubers. However, much quality content on the video-sharing platform is before that “influencer” movement. It’s not surprising that a lot of the most popular videos don’t feature anyone at all. If this sounds like your ideal setup, then you should find the area that is suitable for you.

Below are various ideas for videos that don’t require you to show your face. Unneeded or not needed. If you’re shy in front of the camera, think about these video ideas that don’t show your face!

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Here are 38 best YouTube video ideas for your YouTube channel.

Best Anonymous YouTube Channel Ideas

Luxury Lifestyle Videos

Luxurious items come in every shape and size, so you can showcase them without revealing your face. It doesn’t matter if it’s a brand-new vehicle, a luxurious house, or a piece of jewelry like a watch. It is possible to show off some of the finest items and remain private.

YouTube Sports Channel

Because you’ll likely focus on sports videos, you’ll only need a voiceover instead of simply filming your own voice. Consider it more as broadcasting radio and not recording ESPN.

DIY Tutorial Videos

The video component of tutorials will usually illustrate the steps, which makes them excellent videos without faces. Instead, you can record a video of your hands working work and the steps in the process usually provide greater value than a recording that shows your face.

Do a Gardening Video

Gardening videos typically fall in the instructional vein, and the pictures will focus more on the task in front of you rather than a talking head. Most of these videos employ text and dialogue, but both methods will produce a clear video that doesn’t show your face.

Do Tours or Walkthroughs

Tour-style videos are generally shot from your first-person perspective. That means the camera will be facing away instead of recording you. Walk around your home, studio, town, or some other exciting location, giving your viewers your point of view as you speak.

Create Mindfulness Videos

Although many videos on meditation channels depict the person practicing, this isn’t required. Instead, think about using soothing images such as an ebb and flow or an artwork with spoken or sung words in the background.

Create Tutoring Videos

It’s generally better when you teach videos to display the computer screen you work on rather than showing your face. In this way, you can provide examples while walking through the videos, whether you’re shooting the process with a pencil and paper whiteboard video, a whiteboard, or a screen-based whiteboard animation video recording.

Start a Mental Health & Well-Being Channel

Because therapeutic videos such as these focus more on ideas and emotions than they are visual stimulation, Feel at ease overlaying your words with a soothing image rather than recording yourself speaking. A positive image can better establish the mood instead of the distracting sound of a chattering head.

Do Faceless Art Videos

Naturally, the primary draw of art videos can be… their art. Instead of showcasing the artist’s work, audio or time-lapse of the work is much more likely. A large number of views on these videos!

Life Coaching Tips

Life coaching advice can work in a series of images of text on screen, like the format of a PowerPoint presentation. It doesn’t matter if they are a collection of videos, static images, static photos, or simple animations. There’s no need to display your face.

Self Help Videos

Like self-help, the content for self-help is more about concepts and words rather than visuals. Consider a set of soothing backgrounds layered with texts.

Create Comedy Videos

While the mannerisms and wit of certain comedians are a part of the entertainment, some comedy videos concentrate only on the comedy. It’s not the most viewed comedy video, but it’s not difficult. Videos that challenge you can be entertaining but usually require making yourself a film.

History Videos

The standard practice for historical videos is to present footage from the period in the most relevant way to the subject. This could be a collection of black-and-white photos, real video archives, or pictures of museum objects related to the discussion.

Make Cooking Videos

If you plan to create a cooking channel without displaying your face, focus the camera on cooking and food and provide a first-person perspective of your recipe.

Review Technology

Based on the kind of technology, some reviews could benefit from showing the device in action, which frequently requires hands rather than your face. For instance, you could show a smartphone using only your hands or even a completely digital screen for recording video.

Geography Videos

Regarding geography, youtube videos of maps and other landscapes are more pertinent and beneficial than headshots; therefore, you can focus on the latter and remain unreported.

Do Nail Art

The main focus is on the hands of your hand. Therefore, you need to set up a camera where it will show your hands working work flawless video without faces. This isn’t feasible using other videos on beauty, such as makeup and hair.

Give Finance or Business Tips

These types of instructional videos are successful by showing math on the screen. Many business-oriented videos include talking heads; however, dialog over informative text is more beneficial when you don’t want to record yourself talking.

Do Unboxing Videos

When you make an unboxing video, You should concentrate on the product you’re opening, not your own. Dialog is enough to gauge your reactions to reviews of products. It is not necessary to look at your expression.

Health & Fitness Videos

Creating video clips for fitness can be difficult without revealing yourself or anyone else in your video. If you concentrate on eating habits or mental health, it is possible to do this without filming others. Still, you’ll have to be imaginative to create captivating fitness videos without revealing your identity.

Create a Music Channel

Many songs on YouTube display the album’s artwork or lyrics on the screen because most viewers are here to listen to, not view, the performance. You can also do it.

Science Experiments

As we’re not like the Mythbusters and the Mythbusters, it’s acceptable to concentrate research on the action, not the actors.

Create Horror Videos

While talking heads could seem like a great subject for a horror movie, however, it’s actually quite disconcerting to see someone tell a horror story. Most scary stories utilize still images and haunting sound effects to set the tone for horror movies or films with specific scary content.

Record Drone Videos

Drone-related videos are increasing in popularity due to the fact that they enable everyday users to record amazing video footage at high altitudes. It is not necessary to be a celebrity when sharing footage from drones.

Literature Videos

If you’re conducting book reviews or something else more academic, visuals shouldn’t be a problem when discussing books. If you’re interested in an unfaceless channel, consider using just the book cover or photo with your text on top.

Show Life Hacks

Video footage that is fast and shows how to prepare or use a hack is the most effective method to practice these videos. Nobody will notice that you don’t want to show you to appear seen.

Talk About Future Technology

In discussions about the future of technology, it is better to display images of concepts, prototypes, and specifications rather than a talking head.

Make Story-Telling Videos

Storytelling is among the oldest methods of communication. While some storytellers would like to show their facial expressions to increase enjoyment, keeping it mostly auditory, as in audiobooks, can also work.

Teach a Language

Rarely will watching the face of your teacher help students learn more easily. Instead, you can use the screen to display more information to aid your students in understanding your ideas. This is particularly true due to the mostly auditory nature of spoken language.

Talk About Science Concepts or Theories

For teaching, particularly in the realm of theoretical studies, the emphasis is on ideas rather than tangible objects, which means visual aids don’t really help. Instead, provide textual information to support the claims you make.

Psychology Videos

As with other educational or scientific channels, using screens to provide information undoubtedly is more beneficial than simply showing your face. This makes it an ideal choice for those who do not want to attract the spotlight.

Do Travel Videos

Many travel vloggers will feature videos of their own in exotic locales. You can also offer an in-person view of the footage and still images, similar to a document video.


ASMR videos concentrate on the auditory experience, which means it is possible to create this kind of video with no visuals (I do not recommend videos with only audio). The difference is that YouTube ASMR videos typically contain the host or an overview of the equipment used to make the sound. Make sure you have a great microphone!

Discuss World Mysteries

Instead of a talking head, video games based on mystery or conspiracy are more entertaining, using photographs or video evidence displayed along with interesting conversations.

Talk About Cryptocurrency

The visual aspect of data is usually more beneficial for educational content, such as cryptocurrency talks than listening to the speaker. A simple solution is to show text on the screen in slideshow videos instead of recording yourself as an interview.

Start an Animal Channel

Anyone looking to view videos about animals or nature will likely be more attracted to adorable videos and images of animals rather than to look at your face. We’re not offended!

Motivational Videos

Similar to the motivational art you frequently encounter in offices, motivational channels could use still images and text quotes instead of a talking head.

Create Animated/Animation Videos

Animated videos can replace the requirement for live video and are a great alternative for YouTubers who do not want to show their faces on their channel.

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