Deadlines can’t dominate your creativity. You never cherish the unlimited time to complete your assignments like reports, essays, reviews, etc. If you want to write like a pro essay writer, you have to be faster and productive like them. Obviously, you can’t be like a professional one within one day. Writing quickly is a skill that’s developed millions of academic writers, especially writers who deal with rigid deadlines.

Understanding and practising how to write faster is easy. If you adopt these rules, you can be a better writer without any sweat.

Restructure your writing process 

You definitely know the writing process. It is the five steps that every piece of writing goes through to improve from one idea to a published paper. Working through these rules means doing excellent brainstorming, planning and writing, editing and formatting, and perfecting the piece.

You can reorganise it. One way to reorganise the writing process is to combine steps one and two and plan your work as you brainstorm. Always make a plan which you can fulfill. After the writing process, you will need to cut down all the irrelevant information you have used in your assignment.

You can use various online editing tools to format your paper within the deadline. You must know how to use these tools like plagiarism checkers, paraphrasing tools, grammar and spelling checking tools, and editing tools. These tools make your assignment faster and easier. Check out custom essay help in the UK from any academic essay writing provider.

Type fast as much as possible

You must train yourself to type fast. It is as simple as playing games or writing with pen and paper. If you don’t write on your exam, you can’t score. That’s the way if you can’t type, you can’t submit your paper on time.

It will take time if you look at your keyboard when you are ordering something. So, you have to memorise all the keys. You also have to use your ten fingers while typing.

You can calculate your typing speed by counting your words per minute. The average person types about 30 to 35 words in 60 seconds.

A professional writer actually types 60 to 75 words in a minute. So, you have to practice toying so that you don’t have to look at the keyboard while writing your assignment. If you don’t get enough information, hire dissertation assistance in the UK for a better grade.

Write after reading 

Are you sick of asking, “Who can do my essay?” You might have no idea how to start an essay. You should mention your supportive argument. Skip the body paragraphs first. No rule says you have to write your piece in the offer of initial to conclusion.

Maintain the order that makes it quickest. It often indicates jumping into the parts you have already worked out in your brain.


Note down the points of the opening and apply those later. Make your conception clear about the topic. That’s the way you can write on your own. Don’t worry about mistakes, and don’t edit while writing. Leave the editing part for the future. When you are writing, be focused on your writing. Apply these rules while working on your essay. This article will be helpful for you if you practice it right way.

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